Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sony announcements including E-mount lens roadmap

Sony has announced the E-mount lens roadmap:
  • Wide fixed focal length CZ : available from 2011
  • Telephoto zoom : available from 2011
  • Macro : available from 2011
  • Portrait : available from 2011
  • High performance standard zoom G : available from 2012
  • Wide zoom : available from 2012
  • Mid-telephoto : available from 2012

I've been unable to find more details about the lenses (i.e. image stabilization?)

Sony has also announced new A-mount lenses: Sony expands A-Mount lens line-up for Alpha DSLR cameras with three new lenses

NEX-3/NEX-5 Firmware Update
Sony has announced a firmware update for the NEX-3/5 that adds autofocus support when using A-mount SAM and SSM lenses with the LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor. A new custom function that allows assignment to buttons of frequently-used functions, and to record movies with setup aperture. The update will be available in October.

[UPDATE - the NEX-VG10 will also have a firmware update in November.]

Sony: Sony showcases digital imaging solutions at Photokina

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