Monday, September 20, 2010

ikan News

48 Hour Blowout Sale
ikan, designer, manufacturer and distributor of video and film production support equipment is having a 48 Hour Blowout Sale on Wednesday, September 22. Every following Wednesday for the next three months, ikan will offer discounts from 40-80% on select ikan gear.
ikan: ikancorp

Affordable 3D Rig
While they don't appear to be selling it yet, ikan also has an affordable 3D rig in development called the ELEMENTS Stereoscope.
...after you’ve scrounged through your couches for change to go buy your Canon XF105′s or XF100′s, you can then skip gleefully over to Ikan and badger us about the ELEMENTS Stereoscope, which will allow you to mount both camcorders to one rig for your optimal shooting pleasure. That way, when you’re done configuring all Canon’s built-in assist features for capturing 3D, you don’t have to worry about; 1: spending the rest of your budget on a wallet-burning camera rig, or 2: inventing a “rig” of your own consisting of two friends who you decided to tie together as they attempt to hold the cameras the correct distance from each other.
ikan: Affordable 3D Shooting? Say what?!

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