Friday, September 24, 2010

Final Cut Support for ARRI Alexa and Phantom Cine cameras

If you have an ARRI Alexa or Phantom Cine camera, then Glue Tools has the plug-ins for you! They have just released updates to the following plug-ins for Final Cut Pro:

ARRIRAW Toolkit for Final Cut Studio 1.5
This software allows MacOSX and Applications to work with ARRIRAW “.ari” image sequences which are shot with the ARRI Alexa and ARRIFLEX D-21 cameras. With this Toolkit, Finder is fully aware of these files, including support for Spotlight, Previews, and basic QuickTime Playback. Other applications that are QuickTime aware, will also work with ARRIRAW file format.
This release: Initial support for Alexa ARRIRAW footage.

Phantom Cine Toolkit for Final Cut Studio 2.5
This package lets the user open the raw Phantom Cine movies and choose from different debayer algorithms, color correction matrices, as well as white balance and gamma modes. A SMPTE Timecode track is created from the timestamps inside the Phantom Cine. As with any QuickTime component, the Operating system is fully aware of the new file format, allowing for Finder Thumbnails, and Spotlight integration.

They also have
Cineon/DPX Pro for Final Cut Studio 3.5
A professional set of QuickTime components to read and write Cineon or DPX images. Features include:

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