Thursday, September 23, 2010

Museum of Irony: Top Gear - too big to download

I'm a big fan of the British TV car show, Top Gear. Even if you're not a big gearhead, you should check it out (particularly the latter series; there's some pretty impressive cinematography and production work in the show.)

The problem for those of us in the ex-colonies is that it doesn't play on any national U.S. TV network. It does play on the cable network BBC America, but even then, they play it weeks/months after release in the UK, and cut it up to put in commercials.

Some of the seasons are available on iTunes - though not all of the past seasons - and the latest one's only appear after they are shown on BBC America. The Top Gear UK site even sometimes blocks their videos from US visitors.

Which means that if you're a fan here, you might be tempted to go to other sources....

BBC America is about to start broadcasting the latest season, and to celebrate they will be showing all the past seasons over the coming weekend. Ironically, in it's add campaign for this broadcast they actually encouraged people to watch it because it's "Too big to download"

BBC Ameria: Top Gear

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