Thursday, September 23, 2010

NEX-VG10 stuff

More on the Firmware update
A post on SonyAlphaRumors notes that with the NEX firmware update that will support autofocus with A-mount lenses, there will also be a firmware update for the lens adapter itself. It's unclear how that update is made...
NOTE, though, that you actually have to upgrade the firmware in the lens adapter, as well as in the camera itself. (We were surprised to learn that the A-mount to E-mount adapter actually has a chip in it, to translate data between the lens and the camera body. As part of the update process, then, you’ll need to attach your Sony A-mount adapter to the camera, so the camera can update the adapter’s firmware.) Sone NEX firmware brings lots of improvements! And it goes underwater :)

Video Test with ND Filter
A nice video shot with a Neutral Density filter...looks like that's the first accessory you want to get for your camera!

Lensbaby makes a line of inexpensive tilt/shift lenses. They have now announced one with the NEX E-mount which will be available sometime before the end of the year. They also have the Tilt Transformer that has a neat trick up it's sleeve; you can attach Nikon lenses to it! The Tilt Transformer alone will cost $250, or you can buy it with the Composer (a Lensbaby lens) for $350. Lensbaby is carried by Adorama.
Lensbaby: Lensbaby Unveils Composer with Tilt Transformer: Two New Products in One for Micro Four Thirds and Sony α NEX cameras [PDF]

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