Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Panasonic GH2

As expected, Panasonic announced the GH2 at Photokina. Notably this update has the following video support:

  • 1080/60i video mode, as well as 1080/24p at 24Mbps (the highest in AVCHD format)
  • The HDMI output is also uncompressed

The GH2 will be available in early December for $899.95 (body only).

3D Lens for Lumix cameras
Panasonic also formerly "released" the world's "first interchangeable 3D lens," the H-FT012 (which had previously been announced in July.)

The 3D lens LUMIX G 12.5mm / F12 (35 mm camera equivalent: 65 mm) features two optical systems installed within the diameter of the lens mount, creating stereo images from the left and right lenses, to be processed with a 3D image processing system.

The lens is compatible with the DMC-GH2 and DMC-G2 with the firmware ver.1.1. A 3D media player that supports the MP (Multi-Picture) format is required to view 3D images

The price will be £249.95, ad it will be shipping in November. No U.S. price available yet

This makes two consumer options from Panasonic for producing 3D video; this lens, or the HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder (which is essentially a consumer video camera with a 3D lens attachment. I look forward to seeing reviews of the two unit and how they compare, though all things being equal, I think I'd rather buy a GH2 and the H-FT012 lens.

[UPDATE - It appears the lens is fixed focus, with a focus point of about 6 feet (1.5 meters). Also, the aperture of f/12 might be fixed too!
A lot of sites quote the price as $249, but DPReview quotes £249.95. Perhaps both prices are right]

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