Monday, September 20, 2010

More Sony NEX-VG10 videos

If you're interested in the NEX-VG10, there's been a bunch of video's posted over at the Vimeo NEX-VG10 User Group that are worth checking out.

Mattia Santino Merli posted the following video which was shot with two cameras; the camera-car is a Lumix TS1 while the rest of the footage was shot with the NEX-VG10. The stock lens was used for all the track footage, but a Leica summicron 90mm and Yashica 50mm f1.4 were used for the pit footage (which perhaps explains the greater depth of field present on some of those shots.) Note that color-correction was added to the video footage.

Super Drift Professional Challenge Round 3 from Mattia Santino Merli on Vimeo.

Maarten Heilbron posted this piece "Floral Bokeh" shot using the standard lens, which he describes:
Shot in aperture priority at the minimum DOF end, manual gain (0) and manual focus, AWB and standard. In nearly all cases, I'm very close to the subject and at the maximum zoom (200mm on the kit lens) and the f-stop is 5.6 or 6.3

Floral Bokeh from Maarten Heilbron on Vimeo.

Finally H. Paul Moon posted this clip of a concert to show how the microphone and audio limiter performs in these situations:

Sony NEX-VG10 Sound Test [1080p HD] - from H. Paul Moon on Vimeo.

PAL NEX-VG10 @ B & H
The NTSC NEX-VG10 is now listed as "in-stock" at B & H: Sony NEX-VG10 but they also now list a PAL version, though with no arrival date: Sony PAL/NEX-VG10 INTRCHNGBLE LNS HD CMCRDR

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