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| Richard Allen Crook | Crooked Path Blog
The Sony NEX-FS100 doesn't have S-Log, but that doesn't stop people from creating picture profiles that attempt to emulate it:
The CPF-LOG profile is designed to maintain highlight and shadow detail and also a pleasing color gamut that grades very nicely whether you do alot of grading or a quick fast-color correction. This profile is created as a part of a workflow that is setup for color grading in post. IF YOU DO NOT INTEND ON COLOR GRADING IN POST, THIS PROFILE IS NOT FOR YOU. In the very least, it is recommended that you correct the black and white levels, pull the middle grey down to around 35-40%, and adjust saturation to taste.

Looks, LUTs and Live Grading the ALEXA | Andy Shipsides | CineTechnica
An improved way of working with LUTs and the Arri Alexa:
Until now, the missing piece in the generation of Arri Look files was the ability to preview the look before loading it into the camera. The Arri Look Generator allows you to see the corrected image on your computer screen, but the ability to manipulate the image on a production monitor was missing. However, Pomfort has put together their LiveGrade application to tackle that problem. The software uses the Blackmagic Design HDLinkPro box to take the ALEXA’s output (in Log C) and manipulate it with the same tool found in the Look Generator.

Native Avid® DNxHD® with ARRI ALEXA Digital Camera at BVE 2012 | Avid
| YouTube
And the Alexa with soon be saving to Avid DNxHD as well as ProRes:
ARRI announces a major new recording feature for its ALEXA camera range, offering in-camera support for our open standard and widely adopted Avid DNxHD codec.

GenusTech Guide to 3D Production: Part 1, understanding stereoscopic vision |Alister Chapman | YouTube
Alister Chapman designed the Genus Hurricane 3D Rig, and in this series he sets out to explain how to shoot in 3D:
This is the first in a series of videos on the basics of Stereoscopic 3D video production. In this video Alister Chapman, designer of the Genus Hurricane Rig explains how we see in 3D and how this transfers into 3D production techniques. Other videos in the series cover 3D space, screen size, disparity, convergence, cameras and the Derobe method for very simple yet effective 3D production.

10 reasons to buy a GoPro | Daniel Freytag | Freytag Film
Nothing really world-shattering here, but some fun reasons to get a GoPro Hero or Hero2 (the Hero2 is probably the better choice!)
GoPros are versatile
I think there is absolutely no situation, where you can't use a GoPro. The various mounting options offer a wide range of possibilities! For the exceptional cases there is still gaffer tape!

Intro to Technicolor’s “CineStyle” // Is there more ISO-Noise? | Andrew Schair
| Blog
An in-depth look at CineStyle for Canon cameras, and how it works. Andrew spends a fair bit of time looking at the effect of different ISO settings on noise:
The problem with “lab” tests, is that they’re just that – “lab” tests. In a closed environment, they work well to provide us with data that we can make conclusions from, but in the real-world, things may affect the results differently. Of course there’s a huge chance that this test holds true in the field as it does in the lab, but some people have suggested that since a negative gain is applied to ISO 200, that in so doing, a part of the highlights are clipped to bring the exposure down and as a result, you actually lose dynamic range.

Add, Modify, and Delete Video Transitions in Final Cut Pro X | Larry Jordan
| YouTube
Just starting out in FCPX? This could be useful:
This video - part of the Larry Jordan series of Final Cut Pro X Training - - shows you how to select an edit point or a clip, how to apply the default video transition, how to apply a transition from the Transition Browser, how to modify a transition, and how to remove a transition.

Santa Monica C300 selects | Mike Collins | Vimeo
Some nice footage shot with the Canon C300, especially the low-light material at the end:
Here are a handful of shots from our first C300 shoot in Santa Monica a few weeks ago. No audio, flat picture profile. All Shot on the Sigma 30mm.

ikan product announcements – ikan Elements and ikan Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit | Planet5D
A couple of products ikan announced at the end of last year; the ikan Elements rig and the Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit; maybe they are shipping now:
Looking for an inexpensive way to integrate your iPad into your everyday video production workflow? ikan has the solution. The Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a complete out-of-the box solution that turns your iPad into a field ready teleprompter. Based on our popular Elements camera support system, ikan’s Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit is a portable through the glass teleprompter when you need it and a robust 15mm rod based camera support system when you don’t.

MPAA “The Don’ts and Be Carefuls” (1927) |
Amusing/interesting list for filmmakers:
And be it further resolved, That special care be exercised in the manner in which the following subjects are treated, to the end that vulgarity and suggestiveness may be eliminated and that good taste may be emphasized:

1. The use of the flag;
2. International relations (avoiding picturizing in an unfavorable light another country’s religion, history, institutions, prominent people, and citizenry);
3. Arson;

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