Monday, February 20, 2012

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Canon C300 User Review SD version | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip does an in-depth review of the Canon C300. About a quarter of the episode he devotes to lens talk, including his "perfect" lens, the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Zoom Lens, which he says the only reason it isn't an L lens is because it doesn't have the weather sealing.

Interestingly, I was on a shoot yesterday with Paul Antico and Rick Macomber and they were using that lens extensively for run and gun work.

Philip also covers the "cracking" EF 85mm f/1.2L II:
So is there anything I don't like about the camera? [...] What it's got is, in here you can hear, it's got a fan [..] to keep the sensor and everything else cool, as far as it can be cooled down, but it is a minuscule more noisy than I was expecting, especially in a noiseless environment. I don't think it will effect anything I do to be honest [...] I'm talking really minuscule.

Canon C300 exposure latitude limit | 107Cine | YouTube
Short piece going from a very dark interior, outside, and then back inside.

Test - Red SCARLET-X - Macro Canon 100mm f2.8 | VisualDesigners | Vimeo
Short video shot with the RED Scarlet, the Canon mount for the Scarlet, and the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens. Macro being the operative word here...

FCPX has exported a corrupt XML | Apple Discussions
A problem exporting to XML in Final Cut Pro X:
I exported an xml form my project, and FCPX cannot reimport it...! I get this error:

The document “Heaven and **** 1 (fcp12).fcpxml” could not be opened. Element gap content does not follow the DTD, expecting (note? , (audio | video | clip | title | audition | spine)* , marker*), got (clip clip keyword)
One possible explanation posted by another reader:
I figure it out my problem... for having empty xml file... it happend to be a clip with (no name)... try to see if in u r timeline you have a blank name... by renaming the blank clip I was able to get the xml work... so I hope this will help you...

Further GF2, GH2 and Magic Lantern hack technical developments | Andrew Reid
An update on the state of Magic Lantern for both Panasonic and Canon Cameras. In both cases some testing by users is needed. In the case of the Canon 5D, they want to test the DIGIC registers...
Some brave testers are now required to go through all the registers in the firmware and alter them one by one to see what affect they have. This brute force approach is needed because obviously no hacker has access to the code documentation at Canon HQ or the programmers responsible for it, so are working on exploring it mostly blindly by trial and error.

NEX7 / SEL50F18 Videosample | S3NS3 | Vimeo
Short video shot with the new Sony E-mount 50mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens [$299.99]
Raw footage directly from SDCard.
Setting: 1080P 50FPS, 28Mbit, Standard Profile (Contrast -1, Color -1)

Oscars: Cinematography nominees discuss film versus digital | Mark Olsen
| Los Angeles Times
The reaction of some cinematographers to the transition between film and digital:
The Scandinavian-modern "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" was shot with digital cameras; the World War I-set"War Horse" was shot on film."Hugo" was shot in digital 3-D to portray 1931 Paris, while"The Artist" was shot on color film, then transferred to black-and-white to evoke the end of the silent film era in Hollywood."The Tree of Life" used footage shot both on film and digital and integrates nature photography into its storytelling.

10.7.3 Breaks Network Connectivity iMac? | Apple Discussions
One problem encountered by a user upgrading to 10.7.3:
For anyone who is interested, turns out my Firewall was off. I am not sure why is was off, further more I am not sure why my Ethernet / WiFi would not pick up an IP address with the Firewall turned off.

Anyway, turning the Firewall back on seemed to fix things

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