Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Canon C300 Shoot No 1: The Hustle

Over the past month I've been involved with - or more accurately, observed - a couple of test shoots with the Canon C300.

For the first one, I attended a shoot organized by Daniel Bérubé of the Boston Creative Pro Users Group in late January. What began as Dan having a C300 for the evening, and inviting some DPs to come down and play with it, quickly turned into something a little more ambitious. As Dan explains, it "started out with friends as a CAMERA TEST with no script, shot list or idea turned into a quick creative confab and a three minute short set to original music and cut to the groove of a hustle in action."

With footage taken that night, and some pick-up shots that Dan, Rick Macomber and Chris Loughran shot a few days later, the piece was graded and finished by Boston production houses, with Rick and Chris even recording a soundtrack.

The final video has now been posted and you can read more about the production of the video on Dan's Vimeo page: Hustle | Daniel Bérubé | Vimeo

Hustle from Daniel Bérubé on Vimeo.

You can also read my original report of the event here: Playing with the Canon C300 and I made a behind-the-scenes video:

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