Thursday, February 23, 2012

AJA at Boston Creative Pro Meeting

Jay Ignaszewski, Northeast Sales Territory Manager for AJA spoke briefly at the Boston Creative Pro Meeting held last week (not to be confused with the one to be held tonight - it's been a busy month!) Jay spoke about updates to AJA's products, what they won't be announcing at NAB - since he doesn't know - and 4K.

He does think we are going to see a lot of Thunderbolt solutions at NAB this year. Sonnet is already talking about their boxes that take PCI cards, which he suggested means the question is becoming; ‘why do we need a tower?’

AJA themselves are quiet about what they will be showing at NAB, not even telling the sales people "because they talk too much!" He did think we'd see "some stuff" happening in partnership with camera manufacturers.

AJA Ki Pro Mini

Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini
With recent software updates, the Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini will now act like a deck when connected through Firewire to your computer. You can transfer files back and forth without having to remove the hard drive or CF card from the unit. Other improvements include the ability to display visible timecode on the monitor, RS-422 support, and you can now build a playback list and play the clips in the order you want, though you can't specify edit points internal to the clips.

He also noted that in addition to being used as capture devices, Ki Pro's are popular digital playback units for video at trade shows and other events.

When asked about the possibility of 4K, Jay said that it wasn't going to happen with the current iteration of the Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini, but AJA does support dual-link 4K with the Kona cards. He also added that the Io XT box, which just started shipping, is a "Kona card in a box with Thunderbolt and it does dual-link."
AJA Io XT Professional Capture & Playback Device with Thunderbolt

Jay went on to say that "everyone" is aware of the interest in 4K, and there are even people talking about higher resolutions, which is "even scarier."

"I saw Doug Trumbull at the Visual Effects Society last week and I asked him if there was anything we could help him with and he said yeah, have you got anything that will handle 6K 120fps…"

AJA has beta drivers that support Avid's Symphony, News Cutter and Media Composer, and a new version of AJA's Control Room is coming and ultimately there will be one Control Room that controls everything that AJA makes.

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