Saturday, January 21, 2012

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RED Scarlet versus Panasonic GH2 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
A look at some samples from David Cole of 3D rig builders Beampath, shot with the Panasonic GH2 and RED Scarlet:
The GH2 is certainly a match for the Scarlet in terms of resolution at 2K, even at a push upscaled to 2.5K.

The biggest difference is in latitude and compression in the shadows. The Scarlet has more latitude and a flatter picture profile because of its RAW recording format. Dynamic range is less on the GH2 and the lows look more highly compressed. Here I have boosted the lows in post on both shots to show what is going on…

THIS Sunday – Podcast With Philip Bloom | shoot.edit.learn
A live podcast with Philip Bloom on Sunday, January 22nd at 5PM Eastern:
So it’s that time again! We had so much fun during our last live video podcast and got so much great feedback that we decided to do it again. Karen Abad and I have invited Philip Bloom to join us this Sunday for a live interview and, of course, some q+a from all the viewers.

“Nightscapes” - A Look into creating a timelapse film on a minimal budget
| Phil Arntz | Daniel Freytag
In this guest post Phil Arntz writes about how he shot a timelapse film with minimal equipment:
When shooting sunsets or sunrises, you can also shoot manual, but you would have to factor for the change of light and see which part is most important for you and expose for that! Another method is to use AV Mode, which is aperture priority! You can use that and it will adjust for the changing light, although you will loose certain control over your image and will have flicker in your timelapse! The so called flicker, which is introduced by inconsistent exposures (some brighter or darker than the others) can be removed in post production however, but don’t forget to factor in the time, this takes!

S-Log and the Sony F3 – Part 3: Application | AbelCine | Vimeo
Andy Shipsides offers this tutorial on using the Sony PMW-F3:
In the third part of my S-Log series I took the Sony F3 outside on a nice bright day to show what S-Log can do. Jeff Lee and I headed up to the roof of AbelCine and found some shade to stand in, this allowed us to show the most contrast possible. I shot the blog in S-Log as well as in the standard video modes with the AbelRange profile that I created earlier this year. This way I can show just what S-Log enables in the camera.

Schneider Optics True Match Vari ND Filter. Wide Open Camera Quick Take Review | Wide Open Camera | YouTube
A look at an ND filter from Schneider:
Here is a Quick Take on the new Schneider True Match Vari-ND Filter. This is one of the better fader filters on the market. There are some limitations. For more info check us out at This bad boy is not cheap at around $450 US.

FCP X: Match the Sound of Two Clips | Larry Jordan | Blog
How to get sound levels in different clips to match:
2. Before we match the sound, we first need to match the audio levels between the two clips. While this isn’t necessary to do the match, you can’t get two audio clips to sound the same if the levels are not at least close to matching each other.
There are several ways to do this:
FCP X: Smoothing “Ken Burns” Moves
Larry also offers this tip for those using the "Ken Burns" effect:
If you are adding Ken Burns moves to two clips and you want to add a transition between them, apply the transition between the two clips FIRST, then add a Ken Burns move to each of the two clips on either side of the transition.

The C300 DPs--Dana Christiaansen | Fletch/The Association | Vimeo
This is a short piece from a recent boot camp where Dana Christiaansen talks about the advantages of hand-held shooting.

An Author Looks at iBooks Author | Alexia Van Hurkman | Blog
Alex likes Apple's new iBooks Author, but doesn't like the fact it's limited to the Apple iBookstore:
In the short term, it’s disappointing, because the team that created iBooks Author made a really, really nice piece of software. Something that I think is better at what it does then most other applications of its type on the market, for this very small niche of technical and textbook writers. I’d love to use it, and I would have paid good money were it a more general purpose tool.

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