Friday, January 20, 2012

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Thoughts On DVD Covers | Jared Flesher | Sourlands
Jared is working towards completing his documentary Sourlands, and in the latest post on his blog, talks about designing a DVD cover.
The feedback I’ve received from designer friends is that it’s a little dark overall, and rather serious. And it is, there’s no two ways around that. But I can live with a little dark and rather serious. If people don’t buy the documentary because they’re not in the mood to watch something serious, I can live with that. Sourlands is entertaining and occasionally funny, but at its heart it’s a serious film.

Mixing Voice and Music Fast in Final Cut Pro | Chadwick Paul | Blog
A tip for working with audio in Final Cut Pro:
Have you ever had a producer tell you to cut a few shots out of your video after you already made the “perfect” mix using clip overlays, keyframes, and rubberbands? Here is an old school technique I use that prevents this frustration. It keeps audio very flexible with the use of through-edits, crossfades, and the roll tool. Check it out and be happy!

Dave Gets a RED Epic Tutorial Before Shooting an Interview | Dave Dugdale
| Learning DSLR Video
A DSLR shooter gets a chance to play with the RED Epic:
A while back I did a BTS video of a camera crew using the RED Epic, after that I got an email from James Drake who is co-owner of, a local RED camera rental house in Denver, asking if I would like to see one and try it out. I was like, “Sure you bet, that would be fun”.

So we met up at Denver’s Union Station a few days ago and James gave me a tutorial on how to shoot with it which you will see here, after that I got to shoot a video interview with James using his Epic.

Sony Nex E-mount Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS Di III VC AF comparison to Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens | mike kobal | Blog
Mike compares the Sony 18-200mm NEX [$799.99] mount lens to the Tamron 18-200mm Di III for E Mount [$739.00] (Note, if the Sony is bought as part of a camera kit, it's essentially $699, but they are still comparably priced.)
The Tamron is a little smaller, lighter and has two additional lens elements. The built quality of both lenses is excellent, featuring stylish metal bodies, the Tamron in premium black (which I prefer, also available in silver/grey) and the Sony in titanium grey. The built quality of both lenses is much better then the usual superplastic 50x superzooms.

Breaking Down the Documentary Process | Mike Rosen | Videomaker
A look at the basics to consider when you start your documentary project:
3) Documentary Equipment and Crew: Remember how we said you’d need money to shoot your documentary? Well, here’s where that comes into play. You may be able to cajole some friends into helping you out and you may be able to borrow your neighbor’s old camcorder for free… but let’s face it. You know you get what you pay for when you rely on the kindness of strangers (and friends). If you’re going to make a documentary, make it good.

New FS100 Tutorial Trailer from Sony Europe | Den Lennie | Blog
Den was one of the first to get his hands on the NEX-FS100, and now he's worked on a promotional Blu-ray disc for Sony about the camera:
Back in the late Summer I was approached by Sony Europe and asked if we (My buddy and creative partner Janes Tonkin of Hangmans Studios) would pitch a tutorial Blu-Ray to become a partner proiduct for the NEX FS100 for European Customers.

So James and I wanted to create a cinematic product that would really highlight how much you can achioeve with this gem of a camera ( and it's very affordable for what it delivers)

HyperDeck Shuttle 2 now with 10-bit Playback to the Avid DNxHD Format
| Cinescopophilia
Blackmagic has updated the HyperDeck Shuttle:
Blackmagic Design have released a new version of the HyperDeck Shuttle Solid State Disk recorder. The HyperDeck Shuttle 2 now replaces the existing model and also adds broadcast quality 10-bit recording and playback to the Avid DNxHD format for the same low price of $345. Your move Atomos.

Adobe Post Workflow on Mobius | Vincent Laforet | Blog
A video tutorial showing the workflow for editing Mobius, which was shot on the Canon C300:
A few months ago we did a piece on dynamic linking between Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects. In the above video, Jon Carr, gives a more practical breakdown of how these features were used on our latest film, "Mobius" – notably in terms of rotoscoping. During a particular scene in the film our protagonist (David Lyons) is taking pictures of a Cartel execution from an outcropping of rocks. Unfortunately, the rocks that we used on location were covered with graffiti (the location is usually a well trafficked off-roading recreation area).

Watch: 'Side by Side' Doc Trailer About the Film to Digital Evolution
| Alex Billington | First Showing
I think film is dead - Kodak just filed for bankruptcy protection - but some will keep fighting for it:
"There isn't yet a superior or even an equal imaging technology to film, but we're being forced to transition." Perfectly timed for the start of the Sundance Film Festival today is a trailer for a documentary called Side by Side, produced by Keanu Reeves, about the science, art, and impact of digital cinema.

Elevator pitch: 8 ways to take yours to a higher level | Amy Levin-Epstein
| CBS News
I hate elevator pitches, but if you think you need one, this article might help:
An elevator pitch is a form of marketing, and you need to know the product -- you -- well. "If you haven't taken the time and effort to truly understand your strengths and what differentiates you from others, your personal brand won't be as easy to communicate and won't stand out to others in your networking," says branding expert Chris Perry, MBA, founder of Career Rocketeer.

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