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B & H Pre-orders for Canon C300 | NotesOnVideo
I already posted the details on the pricing for the C300 and lenses; you can order it from B & H, or your local dealer. I must admit, though I did think the price was going to be $16,000 - didn't everyone - I was hoping it might be a little lower. Not that I could have bought one either way!

New Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera Hands-On Review | Trevor Boyer
| B & H
A 20 minute video about the Canon C300 with Rob Rives from B & H:
To devise the EOS C300, Canon leveraged and developed cutting-edge technology from several of its areas of expertise: sensors, image processors, professional video cameras—and of course, optics. The experts at B&H hereby present a hands-on review of the EOS C300, including field and studio tests that put the camera through its paces.

Dispelling the myths, is the Canon C300 worth $15,999? | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew isn't that impressed by the C300; he thinks you're paying way too much for built-in ND filters:
Now if I were to own a camera, it’d be DSLRs or FS100, no question. I don’t like the form factor of the FS100 but there is no denying that for $5,000 it slam dunks the C300 on the spec sheet. If this is not giving Canon sleepless nights, it really should be. In my view, Canon badly need to respond and bring out a mini stripped down version of the C300 which is to the C300 what the FS100 is to the Sony F3 or a much improved Canon DSLR without the kind of soft moire ridden image we have seen so far from their DSLRs.

LARRY THORPE ON THE CANON C300 | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
A brief interview with Larry Thorpe conducted at the recent Canon event at Boston Rule Camera:
Can you talk about how you’ve removed the noise?
I can’t talk an awful lot about it other than to say in the photosensor our guys were able to reduce the noise floor very significantly and extend the dynamic range, and that’s what gives this camera this incredible ISO capability.

Sony NEX E-mount gets Metabones $399 electronic Canon EF adapter / Canon C300 available for pre-order | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
We've been waiting for over a year for a certain Boston company to release an EF to NEX converter (with electronic interface), but now it seems some other companies are actually going to do it!
This is great news for NEX 5N and FS100 owners. Suddenly that limited range of E-mount lenses have been supplemented by the entire Canon EOS range! Metabones are set to release a fully electronic interface adapter for Canon EF lenses to Sony e-mount (NEX 5N, FS100). Unlike the bulky MTF adapter it has electronic communication between the Sony body and Canon lens itself so you can adjust aperture on the camera. It also supports IS and requires no external power.

Sony 11-16mm T3 PL and 18-252mm Sony F3 Lens Review | Matthew Allard
| Vimeo
Matt reviews the $10,000 Sony SCL-Z18X140 18-252mm lens and the 11-16mm T3 PL zoom.
Would I buy either of these lenses? Thats a good question. The 18-252 has a lot of strengths and some weaknesses. What it does offer is something that no other product has done before. A zoom rocker controlled Super 35mm lens with a big range. Yes it's not fast, but if your using it outside which I think most people would or in controlled lighting situations it's pretty good. You can still get reasonable shallow depth of field despite it not being a fast lens. It's not perfect, far from it, but it does offer a lot of convenience and a pretty nice image up until about 220mm.

Compressing Video For YouTube | Larry Jordan | Blog
Tips for compressing video for YouTube...but read the next article first...
While YouTube supports a maximum image size of 4K, the data rate for really large images is ridiculously high. For most web videos, given current download rates, the preferred image size is 1280 x 720. This means that when I shoot for the web, I shoot a 720p image. (Progressive is ALWAYS better for the web than interlaced. The advantage of shooting 1080i for repositioning/reframing shots is far out-weighed by the problems interlacing causes web video. 1080p is an ideal format, but not all cameras support it.)

Maximizing Your SEO with Video | Shawn Lam | Dare Dreamer
...after reading the previous article, this one might think you shouldn't be uploading your video to YouTube after all:
So now that we have defined and stated the goal of SEO, let me give you an example of what SEO is not: Posting a video on YouTube is not SEO. It can be a part of a link building strategy but it does nothing for your SEO. In fact, YouTube is robbing you of your SEO potential with each and every video that you post on their website and embed on yours. Now while I’m not going to go into detail in this post on the different type of links, I will say that a link under a YouTube video serves very little value to you in regards to SEO.

So You Call Yourself a DP? | Den Lennie | Blog
Den continues his series on being a DP, this time offering 21 things to check about lighting:
So that's the basic 21 questions that you will be asking yourself subconsciously every single time you turn up at a location. And don't forget, if you are lucky enough to do a recce then great, but most of the time, you simply don't have that luxury and so having a rock solid process is what you need to master in order to do your job well, get a great looking image and most importantly, impress the client - consistently.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Stephen Garrett | Filmmaker Magazine
Yesterday I linked to an NPR story about the art of movie trailers; I wish I'd seen this article as it makes a good companion piece:
Above all, and without exception, trailer editing is about rhythm. If you don’t have an innate sense of it, then your trailer will not sing. A trailer, cut well, will have a flowing motion to it, a sense that everything plays off everything else, and will propel the viewer through the experience of the film. Trailers build up excitement and anticipation, and a keen sense of rhythm heightens those sensations.

Rode presents two new Microphones designed for use with DSLRs | Daniel Freytag
| Blog
Dan takes a quick look at two new microphones coming from Rode; the VideoMic HD and the Stereo VideoMic Pro:
The Stereo VideoMic Pro builds on the feature set of the VideoMic Pro, with an ergonomic form factor perfectly suited to DSLR, consumer camcorders and large-sensor video cameras. The integrated shock mounting system provides superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise that can otherwise degrade the recording quality.

Sony Bloggie Live Lets You Live-Stream Video Over Wi-Fi | Tim Moynihan
| PC World
Last year it was 3D, this year the Sony Bloggie Live [$249] does live streaming...what will it do next year?
While the camcorder records at full high-definition, live streams are limited to 480-by-270 VGA resolution in order to keep lag time and choppy footage at a minimum. Live-broadcasting from the device is limited to 30 minutes per clip, and a full 1080p version of the video footage is saved on the Bloggie Live's 8GB internal hard drive.

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