Monday, January 16, 2012

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CES, Thunderbolt and Video hardware | carey dissmore | Blog
In this video Carey wraps up CES Thunderbolt news.
"A couple of things are becoming clear:
A) Thunderbolt is tricky and pretty expensive to develop, heck even the cable, which has chips right in the cable, is $50, and believe it or not, Apple may be selling that at cost. Also many developers are holding off for next-gen chip sets, parts, bridge-ports etc.
B) Apple and Intel are working to get the standard adopted by the entire world of PC architecture..."

4K for £4K and why you probably shouldn’t get a JVC HMQ10 | Andrew Reid
There doesn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm for this camera, and maybe that's explained by the way it does 4K; it seems to be a bit of a kludge:
So whilst the sensor and the lens are about as unexciting as they get, it DOES do true 4K. I just don’t understand why they took the quadrant approach. SD cards are not suitable for 4K in any guise, putting 4 slots in there as a work around is even more bonkers than having 4 HDMI ports. Not only are small SD cards easily broken or lost in the hustle and bustle of a production set, HDMI is just about the weakest connection port known to man. That there are 4 of each makes 4x more likelihood of a related issue cropping up.

Editing Tip of the Week – Keep it Simple | Barry Clegg | Blog
Some good advice on prioritizing your work:
Sometimes it is a scenario of being able to manage your efforts with the time you have. On days I find multiple deliverables due at the end of the day I try and ask to get a synopsis of everything that I need to do so I can spend x amount of time of video 1, x amount of time on video 2, etc. It can be real frustrating to reach the end of your edit session and then hear “oh, we got this one more thing we have to do” and think “man, I could have managed this time much better if I had just known this needed to be done.”

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Catastrophe in Production and Post | Nathan Adams
| Studio Daily
Some good tips for things to do, and things to avoid:
2. The devil is in the details. If you’re using a new camera, switching to a new editing platform or changing your workflow, you’d better know everything about that element of your production. On a recent pilot for a reality show we had a combination of 28 cameras that we had to manage. Weeks before the production, the DIT and I used a stopwatch to time the media transfers so we knew exactly how many seconds it took to ingest media from each camera. Based on those calculations, we knew we needed 8 laptops ingesting material the whole time.

Panasonic interview: Learning from the fringe, taking small steps | Mike Tomkins
| Imaging Resource
Interview with Darin Pepple, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imaging at Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. for the website Imaging Resource. Covers quite a bit of video related stuff:
The GH2 has been out now for a little over a year, so people are wondering about the next model. There’s no one great thing I can say that we’re going to plan on and actually produce right at this time. Certainly, we’ll eventually produce something, right? But I think what you’ll see from us is to continue on trying to get a better and better and better video output for it. The GH product almost has a split brain. When I talk to people and I read the blogs--I participate once in a while on a few blogs just to see what people have to say--and there are two distinct worlds; completely right down the middle, video and still,at the high end.

My first experience with JAG35 Wireless Follow Focus (V1) | Alan Besedin
| Budget Filmmaker
Alan posts a report on his experience using the Jag35 Follow Focus; which is generally favorable.
One more thing I wanted to mention is that the JAG35 wireless FF can only be mounted only on 15mm rods. RED has 19mm rods,so there was no way to mount it directly on the rods. The FF had to be attached to a short 15mm rod (which might have been the part of the kit) which was then attached to a flexible arm and positioned upside down on the top of the rig. This meant that the motor was now spinning the opposite direction, making things a bit confusing for me. The ability to reverse the spinning direction would have been great in such situation, but there wasn’t one. Fortunately for people like myself, it looks like the upcoming V2 version of this follow focus will have reversible motor function on both focus wheel and aperture slider.
Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2 | CheesyCam
ChessyCam has posted a short video review of the follow-focus as well.

Advanced Tips for FCP X: Custom Resolution Timelines | T. Payton | CreativeCOW
How do you deal with custom resolutions for timelines in projects? This video tutorial shows you how to create a custom timeline, though you sort of have to cheat!

Report: Camcorder sales drop, are smartphones to blame? | Brennon Slattery | PCWorld
I guess we shouldn't be surprised....
The NPD Group’s tally of U.S. sales of consumer electronics during the holiday 2011 period showed a massive 42.5-percent drop in camcorder sales, and an overall drop of 5.9 percent (which was an improvement over 2010’s 6.2 percent decline). GPS units and point-and-shoot cameras were also hit hard, dropping 32.6 percent and 20.8 percent, respectively. The culprit? Smartphones.

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