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derekforeel | Derek Shantz | Twitter
Tested Canon C300 vs. Sony F3. F3 was cleaner at low ISO but got macro blocking at higher ISO. C300's noise much more fine and nicer blacks

Closing thoughts on the Canon C300 – Late night chatter with Rodney Charters, Drew Gardner and Lan Bui part 3 | Bui Brothers | The Bui Brothers Blog
The third - and allegedly last - part of this series on the Canon C300.

2012 reel | SnapRoll Media | Vimeo
SnapRoll has put together a pretty amazing reel of aerial video shots made using remote controlled aircraft:
For the past few years, SnapRoll Media has been at the forefront of remotely controlled aerial camera systems. Like most, we started out using DSLR cameras to record video, but it wasn’t long before the image quality wasn’t up to our standards. We began designing and building larger airframes to carry the weight of the cameras we and our clients wanted to use.
Equipment: RED EPIC, Phantom Flex, Phantom Gold

2012 reel from SnapRoll Media on Vimeo.

Stealth | Kessler
Kesslers latest product is a hybrid lightweight slider that retails for $799.95:
The Stealth is a hybrid slider that combines the lightweight portable rail & carriage system of our standard Pocket Dolly™ with the drag control of our CineSlider™. Features include drag control, smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing wheels and multiple mounting options.
Two lengths available, the Standard 3' (40.5") or Traveler 2' (28.5"

Canon G1X video samples – DIGIC 5 – I’m not impressed | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Does the video performance of the G1X indicate what the performance of the 5D Mark III will be like; i.e. not that great?
DIGIC 5 is built around a video core unlike the older DIGIC 4 and it largely determines whether Canon’s DSLRs in 2012 like the 5D Mark III, 1DX and 650D will be hit or miss because those too will all be DIGIC 5. So there is a strong possibility that the G1X is indicative of the image we will be getting from those. I certainly hope not…

Today DPReview posted some direct from the G1X Quicktime clips in 1080/24p H.264 format. EOSHD has the analysis…

Although this is a pre-production G1X, and there is still a chance video will be better optimised in cameras like the 5D Mark III, the video output of the G1X is extremely disappointing and I don’t think I will be getting one for video.

Sound: Which mic should I buy? | Oregon Filmmaker
A piece on recording good sound, though the write-up offers a tongue-in-cheek solution if your sound isn't that good:
So you are making a (No Budget) short film and you’ve just asked your jobless best friend to hold the microphone because awww Sound isn’t really that important. But then you get all your awesomely shot footage in the computer and “what” all the sound is SHIT. turns out your buddy you had do sound is a meth addict and seems to be constantly twiddling and rubbing his fingers on the boom pole causing hella-interference on the outputted sound. What do you do? well at this point there is only one option:

Canon EOS-1D X Battery Issues? | CanonRumors
Are there problems with the EOS-1D? Rumors think so:
It’s been noted that an official weight for the new Canon EOS-1D X has yet to be finalized, I’m told the battery is the reason for this. It was suggested they’re having “serious” issues with the new battery

What are the Best Video Formats for Online Distribution? | Mike Rosen
| Videomaker
A white paper on the best video formats for web distribution by Chelsey Grasso. It's free, but you have to give them your email address:
Whether it’s a question of finding the best compression for YouTube or choosing a format that allows your users to interact with the video, there is a video format out there for your exact purposes. Choosing the best video format for web distribution is absolutely vital for getting people to watch your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing websites. We asked filmmaker/videographer Chelsey Grasso to decipher the mysteries of getting the best compression for YouTube and the web.

Sony NEX 5N shoots for BBC | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Can you use cameras "below spec" to shoot video for the BBC? If you have that one-in-a-million shot, then of course you can! In other cases, it gets a bit murky...
BBC man in Vienna Johnnie Behiri has been rigging up with the NEX 5N to shoot for the BBC, which completely destroys the myth that DSLRs can’t be approved for broadcast work. Shot in 1080/25p with only the 18-55mm kit lens and 16mm F2.8 pancake, Johnnie says the NEX 5N ”is a lot of fun to work with. Its low light capability is very nice and working in even 1600 ISO is a absolutely ‘worry free’”.

Do You Want to Be Told What to Do? | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
Evan looks at Filmsourcing's amusing take on the business:, an invite-only site for filmmakers to share resources, has published a “politically incorrect” filmmaker’s career guide flowchart. It asks a series of questions — some serious and some sarcastic — to point you towards the ideal position for you as a crew member. The ranks range from Studio Head to Extra and all the way to Blogger.

The Art Of The Modern Movie Trailer | Brent Baughman | NPR
An piece on movie trailer production that aired this past weekend on Weekend Edition. Includes several interesting bits, including a popular cue that has appeared on several trailers:
The music is from a 2003 film, The Life of David Gale, which wasn't all that successful. But the soundtrack pushes just the right emotional buttons in a way that makes it irresistible to trailer producers.

"Sometimes in the back of your mind you know, 'I'm not going to use that cue. That cue's been used to death,'" says Lee Harry, Long's partner at Buddha Jones. "But I want to evoke a feeling. And this piece does it perfectly."

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