Sunday, January 15, 2012

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HELLO 2012! & THE C300 | Casey L. Warren | mindcastle
Casey got to spend some time with a pre-production C300, and has written an extensive piece with his opinions of it:
The ISO performance is what really sets this camera apart. It was at first something I underestimated, then I began to pull the images I shot into the computer. 5000 ISO... wow, clean image and almost no grain. 8000 ISO, still a clean and clear image and the grain that was there looked wonderful. At 16000 & 20000 ISO the image definitely had lots and lots of grain, but it was something I could see myself using and being happy about. I think this camera will find its edge in the ISO battle, this is definitely where it's king.

French film director Sébastien Devaud uses EOS C300 to make ‘Out of Tunes’
| Canon
Short impressions piece with video:
“The C300 is a storyteller’s camera,” Devaud tells CPN. He was amazed how quickly he and his crew were able to learn to use the EOS C300. “It’s easy to forget about the technology and focus on the subject,” says Devaud, who since the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II has become an expert in DSLR moviemaking.

Can a professional really use Premiere Elements 10? | Allan Tépper
| ProVideoCoalition
An extensive look of the features present - and missing - in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.
Of course, it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect that the consumer version would include all of the features of the Pro version. If they did, then nobody would by Premiere Pro CS5.5. Here is a list (although not necessarily a complete list), so you can begin to determine whether you (as a video professional who reads ProVideo Coalition magazine) could use Premiere Elements 10 instead of Premiere Pro CS5.5 or some other pro editing application. Everything in this list is what’s missing from Premiere Elements

$20 DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig | Film Riot | YouTube
A very inexpensive shoulder rig:
And yes, we know this has been made plenty of times... But our build is about doing it as cheap, simple and effective as possible. We also chose to warp the pipe instead of cutting it so that it will fit perfectly to the body.

Linkage: January 2012 | S Simmons | The Editblog
An interesting collection of links to different articles relating to video editing:
This is a nice Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 wishlist with some 5.5 gripes. And it appears CS6 will ship in the first half of 2012.
Painting video frames in Photoshop can come in very handy.
Apparently you can get the full Sorenson Squeeze 8 with an Avid Media Composer purchase.
Goody. More words that sitting in front of the computer all day is killing you.

Mini Review of the Manfrotto Unica V Messenger RED shoulder bag £79
| Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip looks at a camera bag from Manfrotto:
Manfrotto “The Unica V messenger is the perfect everyday companion for carrying your camera gear, laptop and personal gear. Gain quick access to your DSLR with lens attached, 17” Macbook (15.4” laptop) and personal effects in the upper compartment by using the top opening..
B & H has the Unica V Messenger Bag (Bungee Cord) for $89.99 with $15 rebate for $74.99

Otto Nemenz first Sony F65 | Jon Fauer | Film and Digital Times
I posted a link about this yesterday, but here's a little more information about the first F65:
With approximately 400 units pre-ordered worldwide, at least two major studios are planning to use it on projects that will begin shooting almost immediately upon delivery of the cameras.

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