Friday, November 04, 2011

RED's Scarlet-X

Canon wasn't the only one to announce an important camera, RED also made a big splash with the Scarlet-X.

RED's SCARLET-X Camera Shoots 5K Stills and 4K Motion, Ships December 1st for $10K | No Film School
The SCARLET X is not the low-cost “3K for $3K” SCARLET announced years ago, but is instead the interchangeable lens camera formerly known as the EPIC-S, and it looks like an amazing deal. It is very, very close to being the same Camera as the $28,000 EPIC-X — it’s the same size and weight, has the same large sensor, takes the same accessories, and maxes out at the same 5K resolution — except the SCARLET-X starts at under $10K

RED Scarlet X 4K camera will sell for about $10k | Wrik Sen | Born Rich
At a time when technology companies compete with one another to give their target consumers the best value for money products, with as many flexibilities possible, RED Scarlet X 4K makes quite a statement with robust design. Known as the ‘epic’s little sister’, this camera matches to the standards of picture and video capturing in every possible way, with the higher-end variety available in the market.

The Scarlet X camera from RED, at last | Vincent Rice | Gizmag
It would be hard to imagine a greater contrast between today's launch by Canon of its EOS C300 digital cinema camera and the launch of RED's long-awaited Scarlet. Canon's event was huge and long-winded with a string of cinematography heavyweights on stage. At the RED gathering half an hour later, an ad hoc bunch of the faithful turned up at RED studios, ostensibly just to watch the same web page update as the rest of the world. Alas it didn't quite work out like that.

RED Scarlet X 4K | Hungry Eye News
RED are taking the fight to Canon by announcing its new Scarlet-X video camera on the same day that Canon revealed its EOS C300 in Hollywood yesterday. The Scarlet-X has an S35 sensor and the whole camera is essentially “Epic’s little sister,” with similar functionality.
It’s also capable of creating 5k stills and 4K video at 25fps. Reducing down the resolution to 3K enabled 48fps, 2K gets you 60fps, and at 1K it can handle a huge 120fps. It can also write data at 50mb per second using RED’s proprietary “Redcode RAW” format to an SSD via the included slot.

RED’s Scarlet Gets Official: 4K For Under $10K | Devin Coldewey | Tech Crunch
For more than three years, upstart camera maker RED has been teasing the Scarlet, a compact camera in the same class as their more powerful, but bulkier, RED One and Epic cameras. We actually saw one at CES this year, but they’ve completely redone the design and capabilities. They were going to publish all this information on their website, but they’re apparently under attack so we’re doing this live.

RED Scarlet X 4K camera ready to take on Canon C300, ships November 17th for under $10k | Dieter Bohn | The Verge
The Scarlet-X will retail for $9750, according to @fxguidelive, with a "full kit" chiming in at just under $14k. It's a bummer RED hasn't been able keep its website up to make a proper announcement. Hopefully the November 17th ship date for the PL mount version and the December 1st date for the Canon mount both go more smoothly. We've embedded RED's teaser trailer below, along with some pictures of the Scarlet-X.

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