Saturday, November 05, 2011

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Lighting Basics: Going With What is Available | Shane Hurlbut | Blog
A great post from Shane about lighting, and how to light with minimal equipment:
The exciting thing about the Arri Alexa, F-3 and the new wave of DSLR’s is their high ISO range to minimum noise ratio. This has opened up a whole new way to light as a cinematographer. Whether it be daylight interior or exterior, dawn, dusk, night exterior or interiors the option now exist to use available light in new ways, as well as working with less.

Next Step: Calling All Screenwriters and Storytellers | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent has issued a call for scripts and video/film ideas in three categories:
1. 30-60 second spots. Companies are regularly coming to me to do promotional videos for them – including ad agencies. These are all too often last minute – and rarely allow for the development of a good script. Having a few at the ready is a good thing.

2. Short films – no longer than 20 minutes in length.

3. Long form narrative films.

Stop-Motion Music Video Shot Over Two Years with 288,000 Jelly Beans
| Michael Zhang | PetaPixel
Amazing stop-motion, with a behind-the-scenes video. I'm partly amazed that anyone could wait that long for a video to be completed!

The post-recession model: fewer jobs in digital Hollywood | Brent Lang | Reuters
Shrinking job market as the world goes digital:
"It's funny, because the producers and studio executives I talk to don't bring up the recession," Patrick Goldstein, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, told TheWrap. "I think technology is the thing that's having the huge and disruptive effect. It's the number one thing impacting all forms of entertainment."

Camera Companies Need to Be Willing to Cannibalize Themselves | Michael Zhang | PetaPixel
Why successful companies often fail: they don't want to compete against themselves:
Sony has also been causing quite a stir as of late in the photo world by releasing innovative technologies (e.g. pellicle mirror) and jumping into new markets early (e.g. mirrorless). Canon and Nikon, on the other hand, have been playing relatively safe. For example, even though Nikon jumped into the mirrorless camera game, the small sensors in the V1 and J1 indicate that the company isn’t willing to let its mirrorless cameras lure potential DSLR customers.

Canon C300 & RED Scarlet-X News

Q: How Do the 'Ready to Shoot' Prices of the Canon EOS C300 and RED SCARLET-X Compare? | NoFilmSchool
Interesting piece suggesting that the prices may be almost the same for the cameras once kitted out, assuming: the retail price of the Canon comes down, and you have to buy the RED monitor and a couple of other things...
The RED SCARLET-X lists for $9,750 and that is direct from RED: no discounts. However, that is a “brain only” price (though it comes with a SSD recording module, Canon lens mount, and AC adapter). After December 31st, in fact, the RED’s prices will go up. But if you include the prices of the things you’ll need to shoot in each cameras’ most basic configuration, many all of these things are included with the Canon but not with the RED. (A couple of them are not included with the Canon either, where noted).

RED SCARLET-X vs. Canon EOS C300 | Eike Busse | CineGearBlog
A feature comparison chart fot the Scarlet-X and C300.

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Hollywood Expo | Jared Abrams | Vimeo
Video from the gear expo at the Canon C300 event. Companies include Zacuto, Redrock Micro, Arri, Genus and Letus.

Canon EOS C300 Camera Clad in Nothing but Genus Gear | Cinescopophilia
Pictures of the C300 in Genus rigs.

Canon C300 - Recoil | Zacuto | YouTube
Zactuo got to play with the Canon C300 and demonstrate it on one of their rigs. They have a page up dedicated to the camera: Canon EOS C300

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