Thursday, November 03, 2011

Quick Links : The Not-Yet-Announced-Canon Edition

Walter Murch at the Boston SuperMeet | FCPUGSuperMeet | YouTube
The whole of Walter Murch's speech at last weeks Boston SuperMeet has now been posted at YouTube.

New Lenses Imminent? [CR1] | Canon Rumors
Others have hinted that Canon would release some special prime lenses with the new video camera(s) they are announcing today; could the rumor Canon Rumors has heard of new "prosumer" primes 35, 85, 50 be the ones?

Canon Live Blog 1 | Planet 5D
Mitch from Planet 5D will be live-blogging tonights event.

Canon Live Blog 2 | Engadget
Engadget will be live blogging from 6PM ET!

Canon Line Blog 3 (& RED Live Blog) | FXGuide
FXGuide will be live blogging both events:
  • 3:00PM PST/10:00PM GST : Canon Event
  • 6:00PM PST/1:00AM GST : RED Event

November 3 Will Not Affect Me In the Least | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Ron says that whatever Canon announces, he doesn't care:
I don’t care what the heck-fire Canon releases today. I guarantee you it will not change the world. And it will not make you a better filmmaker (or photographer assuming it’s some kind of combo). And I bet you TWO million dollars than in six months, some other camera manufacturer will announce a camera that will make this announcement look hum drum.
I'd agree with him, except that there's a strong case that Canon already made a significant change in the film and video world with the 5D Mark II. Can they do it again?

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