Friday, November 04, 2011

Canon C300 Updates

3 Years later… “Mobius” and the Canon C300 / C300PL | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent looks back on the last three years (and other divisions of three) and links to the video he shot with the Canon C300, as well as a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. He also offers some thoughts on the camera:
Ergo this is in effect a 4K sensor creating a 1080p image. This results in what I would say is easily one of the best digital cinema sensors on the market - at least that I have worked with (I have worked with all of the digital cinema cameras released within the past 2-3 years.*) The camera’s only competition right now are the Arri Alexa and Red Epic – although each of the 3 sensors and cameras have distinct advantages over one another - there is no perfect camera.

The Canon C300 produces an INCREDIBLY sharp image at 1080p on a 60 foot screen. There is ZERO aliasing or moire – goodbye forever!!!

Canon unveils Cinema EOS C300 interchangeable-lens video camera | DPReview
Available in in two models, the EOS C300 comes with an EF mount, while the EOS C300 PL features a PL mount. Both models feature an 8.3MP Super 35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor developed specially for the system, a modular design and a new range of dedicated video lenses. The C300 is scheduled to be available in late January 2012 for an estimated list price of $20,000. The C300 PL is scheduled to be available in late March 2012, also for an estimated list price of $20,000.

ultraCage | Redrock Mico
Someone tweeted that the rig makers will be happy with the shape of the C300; they'll still sell lots of rigs! Redrock even announced a new one yesterday:
The new line of Canon Digital Cinema Cameras, starting with the C300, represents an 'ultimate refinement' of the digital cinema camera. Redrock has recognized this pivotal moment, that these new cameras require support systems that are essential to realize the full potential of these cameras. Redrock has worked with Canon in lock-step to evolve the concept of camera support systems and rigs for this exciting new generation of cameras.

SEE VIDEO FROM CANON’S NEW EOS C300 | Scott Macaulay | Filmmaker Magazine
Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai said that the company wanted to “leave no story untold” as he unveiled a camera with a small form factor, an 8.3MP 2160 x 3840 Super 35 CMOS sensor with 4K resolution, and new lenses that resolve to this higher resolution. Martin Scorsese was on hand at the event to hail digital cinema and extoll the promise of the cameras.

Canon launches EOS C300... for Cinema | Jose Antunes | PhotoZZ
The Canon EOS C300/C300 PL’s newly developed Super 35 mm-equivalent CMOS sensor incorporates approximately 8.29 million effective pixels and has a pixel size that is larger than that for conventional professional camcorders, enabling greater light-gathering capabilities for enhanced sensitivity and reduced noise. The sensor reads Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) video signals for each of the three RGB primary colors, decreasing the incidence of moiré while realizing high resolution with 1,000 horizontal TV lines.

Canon launches C300 - a 'grown up' Canon 5D | Televisual
With an expected price of €12,000, the C300 will be available from the end of January 2012 and is expected to compete with the Arri Alexa, Red Scarlet and Sony F3.

The C300 is pitched as relatively affordable, compact, flexible but high-end camera - a grown up version of Canon's hugely popular EOS 5D Mark II which launched in 2008.

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