Monday, October 31, 2011

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*UPDATE* The “Historic” November 3, 2011 Announcement [CR1] | CanonRumors
The date of Canon's announcement is approaching, and the rumors seem to remain that there will be two cameras, EF and PL mount, prices around $10,000. It's now thought it will have 4K capture, but 2K output. A few other details are listed...

Drake Doremus' 8 Rules for Making Indie Film | Steve Pons | The Wrap
Indie filmmaker Drake Doremus ("Spooner," "Douchebag" and now "Like Crazy,") likes to work fast, and offers his tips on being a success:
Doremus's working process starts not with a traditional script, but with what is essentially a piece of prose – in the case of "Like Crazy," one about 80 pages long.

Sony NEX-FS100 Q&A - Does the touchscreen work with an external monitor attached? | Aaron Nanto | Vimeo
In this short video, Aaron proves that the touchscreen on the NEX-FS100 does work when an external monitor is attached.

My First Solo Book: VISUAL STORIES | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Still photographer and now cinematographer VIncent Laforet has his first solo book coming out soon {November 24th] Visual Stories: Behind the Lens with Vincent Laforet (Voices That Matter) While it's about his still photography, he writes about the process behind making the photograph, much of which could apply to video:
I wanted to write a book that included the details that I loved to read when reading other photographers’ books. I found that while I loved to know what lens they’d used to make some of my favorite photographs, I was more fascinated with how they got to making that photograph, the thought process and stories behind them (or luck) and what they thought of those photographs after the fact. Those stories always fascinated me most.
Meanwhile, there are rumors Vincent has been out shooting with the new Canon video camera to be announced November 3rd.

A Light Wall Of Light From Bed Sheets And PVC | David Dicarlo | DIY Photography
How to build a monster soft-box out of PVC pipe, a couple of lights and three king-size sheets. Could be useful for video...(I love making things out of PVC pipe; it's about the only construction material I seem to have mastered!)

History of Video Now and Then | Jennifer O'Rourke | Videomaker
A short history of video (starting at 1986, when Videomaker started publishing.)
When Videomaker magazine first hit the newstands in 1986, video cameras were just beginning to make a foothold in consumer’s homes. Our first few issues were full of stories about those darn “Format Wars” – Beta vs. VHS, remember that concern? In fact Beta versus VHS was so prevalent at the time that we devoted full issues to each format, along with VHS-C and 8mm. Although each format was very different, they all shot video using the same physical recording device: videotape.

REVIEW: Automatic Duck Pro Import and Export | HD Magazine
I reported over the weekend that the Automatic Duck plug-in is now free. Here's a review if you want to know what you're getting into!

Recording of live presentation for MacVideo.TV “The right camera for the right job…” BOTH PARTS NOW LIVE! | Philip Bloom | Blog
The second part of the video of Philip's recent talk about choosing a video camera has now been posted.

Use Dynamic Link to bring Warp Stabilizer to Premiere Pro CS5.5 | Mark Christiansen | ProVideoCoalition
How to use After Effects Warp Stabilizer on footage in Premiere Pro:
For editors and shooters who work more in Premiere Pro than in AE, this is clearly a case where Dynamic Link, the technology bridge between the two apps, is useful. Warp Stabilizer isn’t part of Pr, and it is relatively straightforward for basic usage even for the casual AE user. This article not only walks you through how to achieve shot stabilization on clips in a Pr edit, but it opens the door to how to use Dynamic Link generally, for those who’ve wished they had a better handle on it.

The $800 100mm VariZoom VZ-FH100 Fluid Head Tripod | Cinescopophilia
A new tripod from VariZoom.
VariZoom’s new professional 100mm fluid head offers excellent performance and value in an attractive, durable package. With variable drag settings for both pan and tilt, as well as an adjustable counterbalance setting, the FH100 handles cameras up to 22 lbs easily. Available separately or as a kit with one of our four 100mm tripod models.

For Home Entertainment Releases, a Rare Bright Spot | Michael Cieply
| New York Times
Seems that sales of Bluray discs have picked up a bit:
In part, the increase reflects a surge in Blu-ray sales, which are expected to reach $1.23 billion for the first three quarters, up from about $1 billion for the same period a year earlier. That puts them on a par with video store rentals, which have been falling, and on-demand revenue, which has grown more slowly.

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