Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Have you got phonetic search tool Get for FCP? Good, cause it’s gone
| Scott Simmons | The EditBlog
This is a bit of a shocker; the Get phonetic search engine for Final Cut Pro has been pulled. Was it because of slow sales or the release of Final Cut Pro X? Or is it some license disagreement between the software developers and the developers of the search engine itself?
My colleague actually called Nexidia and was told there was some type of contractual issue between Nexidia and AV3 Software ... and with that Get is gone.
The article goes on to explain that Nexidia's phonetic search - which was used in Get - is also used in Avid's ScriptSync and PhraseFind features, but also notes that prices for those have been rising.

The Difference Engine: Beyond HDTV | N.V. | The Economist
Forget 3D "the novelty has quickly worn off" it looks like we're going to go to beyond HD to 2160p "Quad HD" or 4320p "Ultra HD"
It is no coincidence that the new Quad HD format is almost identical to the “4K” digital cinema standard (3,996 by 2160 pixels) that the studios have started using to shoot digital movies. While conventional cinema screens have an aspect ratio of 1.85-to-one, the slightly wider 4K movie format can be shoe-horned into television’s 1.77-to-one picture frame without too much difficulty.

Detailed Adobe Premiere & Dynamic Linking Workflow | Vincent Laforet | Vimeo
A detailed Adobe CS5.5 Premiere workflow example and intro being used with both Canon HDSLR footage and RED Epic footage. It shows Dynamic linking with After Effects as well as REDCine X.

CA Trip Behind The Scenes Part 3 – Data Management and Workflow
| Vincent Laforet | Vincent Laforet Blog
Another video and article from Vincent, this one on data management:
We shot everything in full 5K resolution, which translates to around 3-5 GB of information per minute of footage (depending on compression settings.) If you are shooting with HDRx, you need to double that figure.

The AF100 Foam Insert | Zacuto
This new accessory was made to fit into a 24.6 x 19.7 x 8.6 in IM-2700 Storm Case and has space for all of your Panasonic AF100 camera parts and accessories. The AF100 can stay attached to our Universal Baseplate while it’s in the case allowing for a faster setup time.
B & H: Zacuto AF100 FOAM INSERT [$194.75]

Compare the features of DaVinci Resolve 8! | Blackmagic
A table that compares the feature set of the four versions of Resolve 8 (including the free Lite version!)

How To Fake a Multi-Cam Shoot with Just One Camera | Joke and Biagio | Vimeo
Good - and simple - tip for those on a budget or who don't have a lot of time, on how to fake a multi-camera shoot by cutting between full screen and a close-up from the same shot. Demoed in Final Cut Pro, but works in any editor.

Vinten Vector 75 Takes Up Residence at Fenway Park | Videography
A story about the Vinten Vector 75 tripod head featuring Boston's own Tom Guilmette (and the Red Sox.) A very nice tripod head; at $17,701.25!

8 Filmmaking Tips From Guillermo Del Toro and Nicholas Winding Refn
| Cole Abaius | Film School Rejects
Notes from a panel at Comic Con:
Try Doing What You Hate
“I hate vikings,” Refn said when talking about the way he crafted Valhalla Rising. He hated vikings, so why not do them in a science fiction setting? Why not take something that’s tired and inject a little life into it? Plus, taking on a genre or cliche or concept you don’t like can be a great challenge and a good way to see it with fresher eyes.

RED Epic Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 Launch | Octane | Vimeo
This 5K footage was shot at 96 FPS on the RED Epic. From by Jarred. Edited in Premiere Pro CS5, color grading with Magic Bullet Looks.



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