Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Users report video-related freezes in Lion | Christian Zibreg | 9 to 5 Mac
Reports of several different kinds of freezes, including one that seems to be QuickTime related:
Other people report freezes when playing back video clips in iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand and other apps. Moreover, the problem is persistent regardless of whether users have the latest version of Flash Player installed, or any version of it for that matter.

Interview with MediaStorm Producer Rick Gershon | Matthew McAllister
| MediaStorm
An interview with Rick about gear. It includes a great picture (annotated) showing his traveling kit:
Really to me this is about multiples of everything: I have 6 adapters, 6 batteries, 2 chargers, 5 cards, 2 circular ND filters, a 6 stop filter, and a few UV filters, 5 XLR cables, 2 Shotgun mics, 2 Sennheiser Wireless Kits, I have a couple of different small hot shoe mountable shotgun mics, 3 or 4 HDMI cables for my monitor, multiple tripod mount plates because they disappear, I always bring a couple leathermans, I bring two or three headlamps which is totally insane and OCD, but I do it anyway. I have to travel with two mic holding shock mounts because they break easily.

The EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye Has Landed |
The Canonrumors website reports sightings of the EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye arriving in limited quantity in Canada (B & H still lists no arrival date, so clearly Canada is much closer to Japan...)

No Finalized 5D Mark III Yet [CR2] |
Canonrumors also reports that Canon still hasn't decided how to position the Canon 5D Mark II replacement. This pretty much confirms that there will be no 5D Mark III (or whatever they call it) until sometime in 2012.

Movies Shooting ArriRAW This Year | HD Magazine
List of eight current movies including The Avengers (3D) and Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter.

(SR4) 16-50mm kit lens will be “designed for video use”
| SonyAlphaRumors
Several rumors over the last couple of days about a new lens from Sony which is reportedly "designed for video" though what that actually means is unclear (one report mentions that the lens is "SILENT!") A couple of reports note problems with slight vignetting at 16mm with the prototype lens.
SonyAlphaRumors: (SR5) 16-50mm f/2.8 lens is SSM (and not a Zeiss lens!)
SonyAlphaRumors: (SR4) First quality report about the upcoming 16-50mm SSM lens!!!
SonyAlphaRumors: (SR5) EXCLUSIVE: First User reviews about the new adapter, A77, NEX-7 and 16-50mm lens!
SonyAlphaRumors: (SR5) More bits about the 16-50mm lens.

Episode 25: DSLR Cinema Book Review | Caleb Pike | DSLR Video Shooter
A video review (videocast?) of the book DSLR Cinema by Kurt Lancaster.
There are some cons to publishing a detailed guide like this on paper. But its sooo nice to have a physical book with this many features in ones hands.
Amazon: DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video

Cowboys & Aliens | Movie
I'm not too sure what to make of this movie. The trailer looked interesting...with some reservations. Now I see a bad review at "Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's steampunk western piles cliche upon cliche -- and just ends up being irritating" a falling rating at RottenTomatoes [currently 43%] and just to confuse further, a fairly positive 3 out of 4 star review at "The elements are all there, and you come out feeling you got your money’s worth - yet “Cowboys & Aliens’’ never goes over the top into full-blown popcorn greatness." "Cowboys & Aliens": Daniel Craig does Eastwood in a steampunk mashup
RottenTomatoes: Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Cowboys & Aliens A rollicking Western for a 21st century crowd

Sony NEX-FS100 low light test | Jim Kallemeyn | Vimeo

Sony NEX-FS100 low light test from Jim Kallemeyn on Vimeo.
Shot on the Sony NEX-FS100 in FX mode. 1080/24p. Transcoded to ProRes.
This was shot with the kit lens (18-200) wide open. At this focal length (150-200 range) wide open means f6.3.

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