Friday, July 29, 2011

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Zacuto EVF Flip Review | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The Zacuto EVF seems to be getting a lot of love from users; just last night at the Rule Camera Pub Night, Paul Antico of Need Creative was telling me I had to get one. It's useful not just for DSLR users; owners of the NEX-FS100 and some other video cameras are finding them very useful in place of the camera's own EVFs.

I have the Zacuto Z-Finder already, so in theory all I have to do is buy the Z-EVF-1S EVF Snap [$641.25] or the EVF Flip-Up Electronic View Finder [$736.25] and save $123.50 or $213.75 respectively compared to the price of the Z-Finder EVF, though given that a Z-Finder costs $360, maybe I want to get buy the combined unit and get a second Z-Finder at a discount!

Andrew Reid offers an in-depth review:
The Zacuto EVF is the start of a line of accessories that will be part of the landscape for a long time. This kit will eventually go hand in hand with DSLR video. In the future it’s logical to assume these EVFs and compact monitors will become even more indispensable as they get NanoFlash like capabilities and record an uncompressed 10bit HDMI signal from the camera at 200+Mbit to ProRes.

An Easy DSLR Audio Setup for a Crew of One | Alexander Fox | NoFilmSchool
Alex explains how he records to an external recorder while also sending the signal to the DSLR camera:
2) Use a headphone splitter (“doubler”) to give you two headphone jacks out of the recorder. You can get this at Kmart for three dollars. Be sure you’re getting something that says “share your music player with another listener” or something to that effect. You do NOT want to get something that splits the audio signal into left/right, you just want something that turns one jack into two.

3 Ways For Video Creators To Get More Twitter Value | Jeremy Campbell | SpidVid
Jeremy offers some tips for using Twitter, including:
1. Send custom DM’s – I don’t know about you but between the 3 Twitter accounts I manage on a daily basis, I get at least 200 DM’s each day from people who automate the process and it clearly shows. The 140 character template-like messages usually start with “Thanks for the follow…” leaving me to either unfollow that person instantly, or at the very least ignore the noise altogether.

Episode 24: Cheap ePhoto LED Panel Review | Caleb Pike | DSLR Video Shooter
Caleb reviews the ePhoto LED light panels. The lights he covers are daylight balanced, include a dimmer, and range in price from $350 to $550

Bobby Marko - LED Lighting for Production Pt.1
| Boddy Marko | Vimeo
Echoing Caleb's review, Bobby's three part tutorial on LED panels is a more general overview of the pros and cons of these lights and how to use them.

Planet5D Podcast with Eric Kessler and Philip Bloom, August 1st | Planet5D
Eric and Philip are on the podcast Monday Aug 1st at 7pm ET / 6 CT / 4 PT

9 Ways Filmmakers Celebrate Limitations | Tim Barrow | Raindance
This article covers a range of topics and ideas for independent filmmakers. Well worth reading:
5. Cinema screenings
Feature films look best on the big screen. After screening The Inheritance at 10 film festivals, we self-released the film at 25 cinemas, touring it all over the UK, extensively in London and as far afield as Vancouver, Dublin, Shetland and the Isle of Skye where we shot the ending. There is a network of cinemas who want to support independent film.

The 25 Best Film Schools Rankings | Tim Appelo | The Hollywood Reporter
Thinking of going to film school? Here's a ranking:
1. American Film Institute
Among the most selective film schools in America, AFI's Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies in Los Angeles offers a two-year conservatory program where students specialize in fields including directing, producing and writing, often coming to the institute after working in the industry or having attended other schools.

Rode Mics | Website
Rode Microphones has updated their website, adding new features including a new microphone product menu with a microphone filter. Selecting different filter criteria narrows down the product range to show only the microphones which best suit the needs you require.

A wide range of criteria is available from polar pattern, diaphragm size, stereo imaging, instruments to be recorded, studio/live/video applications and more.

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