Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bower ABANEXEOS Adapter for Canon EOS Lens to Sony NEX Camera with Aperture

This adapter claims to let you mount Canon EOS lenses to Sony NEX mount cameras (the page at B & H mentions the NEX-3 and 5, but I'm more interested in how it works with the Sony NEX-FS100) and it gives you a manual aperture adjustment (not automatic from the camera, but we'll take what we can get.)

It's $174.95. I don't think there are any other adapters that give you control over the aperture with Canon EOS lenses on an NEX camera; the Birger mount is supposed to, but it's still MIA and is going to cost several times this.

The interesting sentence in the description is:
This adapter has an aperture, which offers manual adjustment of exposure. 
Does that mean it has a diaphragm of it's own, or that it controls the one in the lens? What's with the "123456" numbers on the side?

Bower's own website doesn't seem to have a listing for this item yet, though it appears as a "New" item in the PDF of their catalog.

NOTE: They seem to have two versions of this adapter, one with no aperture setting, which sells for about $87, and this one with the aperture setting.

Can someone with an NEX-FS100 please buy one and let us know how it works? Thanks!

B&HBower ABANEXEOS Adapter for Canon EOS Lens to Sony NEX Camera with Aperture


H. Paul said...

The Kipon adapter has been out for a long time, and a lot of NEX users have taken advantage. It works on the NEX-FS100 as simply as on the other E-mount bodies. It has its own redundant aperture.

Michael Murie said...

Do you think this is the same one, just rebranded? Have you used the Kipon?