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Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 18


Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5: Systems with two graphics cards may export QuickTime movies with green artifacts | Support Note | Apple
You may notice green artifacts when you export a QuickTime movie. This can occur on a system that has two graphics cards installed and a display attached to a DVI port on each card.
Resolution: To work around this issue, only use Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5 with a single graphics card installed on your system.

How To Remove The Audio Popping In Final Cut Pro X | AppleTechViewer | YouTube
This may not be a bug, but if you have problems with popping in audio, this tutorial may help. It demonstrates using the free utility Smart Converter - ShedWorx (on the Mac App Store) to convert an audio track, and then use Synchronize Clips to attach the new audio to the original video clip.
Not explained is why the popping problem is occurring in the first, though it's likely to be a difference between sample rates (which I've encountered now and again in Final Cut Pro 7 too.)



Motion 5: About Motion Supplemental Content | Technote | Apple
The Motion Supplemental Content adds content for use in Motion 5. It is available via Software Update if Motion 5 is installed on your computer or via Apple Support Downloads.

Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4: Deploying across multiple Mac systems using Apple Remote Desktop, NetInstall, or NetRestore | TechNote | Apple
Follow the steps below to deploy Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 across multiple Mac systems using Apple Remote Desktop, NetInstall, or NetRestore.


Color Grading Central | website
A collection of free tutorials on Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X, available for free (to watch online) or you can buy and download the files. The videos are produced by Denver Riddle.

Learn color grading in Final Cut Pro X – free and downloadable options
| Mitch | Planet5D
Denver Riddle has posted a 15 session Color Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X, and Planet5D has posted an interview with him about his background and new website Color Grading Central.

FCPX Color Correction Tip: Using Adjustment Presets To Give Your Footage A Stylized Look! |
How to use FCPX color correction presets – using the ones that come with the application, as well as how to save your own for future use.

FCP Tip of the Month 003: Secondary Color Selection in FCP X
| ChesapeakeSystems | YouTube
Luis Sierra has done a little tutorial to show you how to select and correct a secondary color. In this example, he selects a color in the foreground and desaturates the rest.


Faster Editing: Final Cut Pro X | Apple
Apple has added a video comparing the editing in Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid. Some have suggested the comparisons aren't the most accurate...


Dashwood Stereo3D Toolbox LE v3.0 Tutorial | Stereo3DToolbox | YouTube
A step by step tutorial that demonstrates how to automatically synchronize stereoscopic 3D clips in Final Cut Pro X, create stereo-pair compound clips for stereo3D editing, correct 3D disparities, and use global output modes with Stereo3D Toolbox LE v3.0

12 Classic Generators for Final Cut Pro X | Mark Spencer | Ripple Training
Free replacements for 12 generators from Final Cut Pro, recreated in Motion 5.

iPhone Video Effect | FCP Effects
A Free effect (email address required) that simulates a video being recorded on an iPhone. In the inspector you can choose between varying levels of hand shakiness and the amount of background blur or bokeh.


my take on FCP X | Bill Davis | the davis review
While continuing to support Final Cut Pro 7, Bill looks towards the future:
Next, we keep an eye on FCP X. I don’t buy the criticism that Apple has given up on the creative pro. If anything they are trying to expand the definition of what a “pro” is, and therefore expand their sales and bottom line.

Apple's Final Cut X Troubled Intro "Has Made Eyeballs Turn" to Adobe's Premiere
| Andy Plesser | HuffingtonPost
An interview with Al Mooney, Product Manager for Premiere from Beet.TV.

In Defense of Final Cut Pro X | Bryant Frazer and Beth Marchant | Studio Daily
it's not ready for Prime Time, but don't abandon it just yes:
Despite the product's flaws, Schofield says he gives Apple credit for redesigning the interface with an emphasis on efficiency. "They haven't just stuck with a traditional NLE paradigm," he says. "The biggest challenge is learning that new language and getting comfortable enough with it to begin approaching bigger projects."

More FCP X thoughts | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
Following on from his review, Oliver offers more thoughts on Final Cut Pro X:
I’m coming around to the view that for Apple, the moniker of “Pro” isn’t defined by the target user, but rather by the performance capabilities of the software. Compare iPhoto with Aperture or GarageBand with Logic. In both categories, Apple offers two solutions: basic and advanced.

"X" Terminator Day International Final Cut Pro X Refund Request | Mike J. Nichols | The Edit Doctor
Upset about Final Cut Pro X and how Apple mismanaged expectations (and didn't even provide a demo version) Mike wants to organize a mass refund request for Final Cut Pro X.
While I agree with both of Mike's complaints, Apple seems to be refunding people who complain no questions asked, and I'm not sure that it would have much effect.

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