Wednesday, April 06, 2011

SuperMeet Sold Out

Now the page says:
Temporarily Sold Out! WAITLIST IN EFFECT.
We are currently working to accommodate more seats.
But there's nothing about how to get on the waitlist (that will probably appear shortly...?

This is exciting stuff, no? [Not if you don't use Final Cut Pro, No. - Ed]

[9:00PM] Now the waitlist text is gone....  -END]

Site now just says:
Temporarily Sold Out!
We are currently working to accommodate more seats.
Unclear if any tickets were made available this afternoon. If they were, they went fast! -END]

[UPDATE: 2:00 PM
@AJAVideo tweeted earlier:
@NABShow 4/11] #AJAVideo is the exclusive sponsor for #NAB11 #FCPUG #SuperMeet live video stream
Which is kind of odd if the live stream - as others have reported - will not be happening.

Scott Simmons at Studio Daily rips into Apple for kicking everyone else off the program:
If Apple is confident in the awesome, jaw-dropping, stunning product it has produced then it should want to present during the second half of the show and let the new product stand on its own against the competition.
Personally, at the moment no one know's exactly how this went down. Was the offer to the SuperMeet organizers "give us the whole show, or we won't come" or was it something more insidious like "give us the whole show or we'll never talk to you again"? If the former, then it's as much the SuperMeet organizers responsibility as Apple's. Maybe they were damned if they do, damned if they don't, but they could have still said no. If it's the latter, then yes, Apple is guilty of more than playing hard ball, and should be called on it.

One thing is for certain, this looks like it's turned into the biggest event of NAB; and that's surely what Apple wanted.-END]

The SuperMeet page now says that the event is "Temporarily Sold Out!"
We are currently working to accommodate more seats. Check this page on Wednesday, April 6 at 4:00PM EST for details.

When Would It Ship? The SuperMeet page does say "sneak peek," which raises the question; when would it ship? There was speculation earlier that some of the new features may be tied to Mac OS X Lion, which isn't due until the summer.

Chris Fenwick has already written at article listing the features he thinks the new version of Final Cut should have: One to One: Final Cut Studio 4 Review

More details, see also: SuperMeet Event Changes - Apple to unveil Final Cut?

Apple wants to show up and take over the Supermeet stage-you let em. Try telling Paul McCartney to get off the stage at a Beatles re-union.
Apple to announce #FCPx for iPhone 5/iPad2 at lafcpug #supermeet. Next Tuesday.

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