Friday, April 08, 2011

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Final Cut Pro:
There's news about Final Cut other than the goings-on at the SuperMeet.

  • In the field - A cautionary tale. In this blog post Robin Schmidt talks about his experiences using the Sony PMW-F3 and the AJA Key Pro Mini on a recent 48 hour film challenge. Rather than a review of either, this story is more a cautionary tale about using equipment that you are unfamiliar with in situations where you have little or no time to get up to speed and to adjust to the way the equipment works. They didn't realize the camera was on an odd color setting, they found it harder to hand-hold than they expected, and the Key Pro batteries ran out after three hours. Elskid: F3 VS KI PRO MINI VS 5D – IN BRIEF

  • Sony 4K Camera: HollywoodReporter says that "Sony Electronics will unveil a prototype digital cinematography camera capable of handling true 4K and higher-resolution imagery Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas." Sony has been hinting about this camera, and the sensor they are developing to work with it for some time now. HollywoodReporter: New Details Emerge About Sony Electronics' 4K Camera
    NotesOnVideo: Welcome to 4K Sony, Seriously

  • Canon announced two PL-mount Cine lenses for 4K cameras: Designated as the Canon FK14.5-60 wide-angle cine zoom and the Canon FK30-300 telephoto cine zoom, these precision-matched lenses incorporate breakthrough Canon optical designs that simultaneously optimize and enhance multiple imaging attributes while minimizing optical aberrations and distortions.
    Note that Canon showed a prototype 4K camera at the Canon Expo in New York last year. Canon: Canon U.S.A. Introduces Two PL-Mount Digital Cine Zoom Lenses With Full 4K Image Format Performance

  • RED Epic 5K try out. The guys and gals at fxguide get their hands on the RED Epic and give it the full video review treatment ( - with a nod and a wink to a certain UK motoring program) fxguidetv: #106: EPIC & April fxphd

  • Boinx Software iStopMotion Review: Mike Curtis reviews this stop motion animation tool for MacWorld. While he found it easy to get started, as he got more ambitious he found it rather limited. MacWorld: iStopMotion Pro 2.7

  • Lightworks Update: There's an update to the open source Lightworks video editor. Lightworks 2010 Public Beta - 10.0.4

  • Magic Bullet Colorists II 1.0.1 Update:  fixes problems with non-English installations, crashing issues, and in Final Cut Pro, the Mids and Highs RGB functionality were switched, so that when the RGB Mids were raised it effected the whites and when the RGB Highs were raised they effected the middle values. RedGiant: Magic Bullet Colorista II 1.0.1 – Bug Fixes and Goodies


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