Monday, April 04, 2011

Quick Links

  • Copyright. Over at Ken Kaminesky's blog, he's posted an interview with Carolyn E. Wright of While it's about still photography, a lot of the same info applies for video: Photography, Copyright, and the Law

  • DSLR Documentary Shooting. Simon Weyhe shot a documentary in Lebanon and Jordan using the Canon 7D and Canon 550D (Canon Rebel T2i) and the GoPro HD camera. He shot several timelapses, though only a few were used in the final project. This article includes a gear list, which is worth checking. DSLRNewsShooter: Turntables in the camps – Simon Weyhe shoots a dslr documentary in Lebanon and Jordan

  • Timelapse Shooting. And on the subject of timelapses, Philip Bloom has posted his latest timelapse, shot in Seattle, and has also produced a video showing how it was down - note the use of a lensskirt to reduce reflections when shooting through a glass window. PhilipBloom: Seattle Timelapse: The Space Needle

  • ContourGPS Connect View: Engadget reviews the Connect View app which lets you stream video from the Contour GPSto your iPhone. Note that you also have to fork over an extra $30 for the Connect View card which lets the camera talk to Apple's devices; Android users evidently won't need to buy that! They like that you can change camera settings with the app, and think it provides a pretty good quality image, but found the setup a little difficult, and would have liked to have been able to review video after it's shot. Engadget: ContourGPS Connect View app hands-on

  • YouTube or Viemo? If you have an opinion, Chris Fenwick want's to hear it: OneonOne: Vimeo or YouTube? Which do you use?

  • Another Sony NEX-FS100 Review. This video shows several video screens from the camera (the PAL version), a closeup of the LCD screen, attaching the tube, and placement of the recording buttons.
    YouTube: Sony NEX FS100 NXCAM Super 35mm Exmor Sensor Camcorder

    NEX-FS100 LCD screen

  • Sliders. Film Cyfrowy posts a video comparing the features and operation of four sliders; Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, DitoGear CrankSlider, SlideKamera and Konova. Lots of example shots too. Vimeo: Sliders comparison

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