Thursday, April 07, 2011

More on Final Cut Pro

a friend has seen new FCP says its 64 bit and awesome and he is a long time Avid user. said Avid will need to play catch up
- @ronsussman

From the March 2011 Editors' Lounge:
In this panel discussion Mark Raudonis says he was at the pre-reveal of Final Cut, and that Apple has good lawyers, but:
Here's what I can say.
I was there.
It was awesome.
-Mark Raudonis
He then goes on to say that he can't give details, he can only speak in metaphors, and then suggests that Apple is looking into the future, rather than extending what we have...

There's also some speculation from other panel members, including this:
"We've heard that there's no tape I/O" Pre-NAB buzz on the future of FCP from the guys who broke the SuperMeet rumour

Breaking - Charlie Sheen to give Apple Keynote at Supermeet. Hopes to make up for Detroit. #winning
- @comebackshane

Final Cut Pro vs. Avid
Aaron Weiler does an amusing little spoof of the Avid vs. Final Cut Pro argument, done in the style of a Mac vs. PC ad.
AaronWeiler: Final Cut Pro VS Avid

[Breaking] Apple at the supermeet will take the stage to demo the new three way color corrector controller for the iPad. That's it. #post
- @robtheeditor


H. Paul said...

Unfortunately, the effect of any Apple dog-and-pony show is merely to invite skepticism about hipster fanboy hysteria. (Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 set the bar extremely high for Apple. We'll see.)

Michael Murie said...

Most Final Cut Pro editors seem to be interested in Premier CS5 because of it's ability to edit different formats without transcoding.

I would hope that Apple could do that....

But if that's all they do, I'm not sure it will meet the now massive expectations of the SuperMeet crowd.