Saturday, April 09, 2011

Final Cut Pro post-of-the-day

There's really no news, but Apple taking over the upcoming SuperMeet to announce the next release of Final Cut Pro is such a big news event that I have to write something...I feel like one of those 24 hours news cable announcers repeating variations of the same thing over and over again...

Ask the AV Guy
Chris Eschweiler claims to be the AV guy for the SuperMeet [you're right, this is definitely getting very cable newsish -Ed] and though nobody met his asking price of a small tropical island (with submarine) to reveal what he knows about the SuperMeet, he did tweet:
Exporting logos for #SuperMeet. And there are just as many logos as there were a week ago. Huh. Funny, that. #dontbelieveeverythingyouread
"Don't believe everything you read"...... hmmm...

Meanwhile, Philip Hodgetts, who knows a person or two involved with the SuperMeet, and maybe even some people at Apple, tweeted:
I can't reveal my source but Supermeet is definitely FCP X preview. Yes it's very unlike Apple and all happened at last minute

Kevin Smith
Meanwhile, the whole Kevin-Smith-getting-booted-from-the-program got a lot of mileage on Twitter, but Avid seems to have found a home for him.
We’re happy to announce that Kevin will be featured during an NAB General Session which is open to all. Join us on Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM in room S222 of the Upper South Hall. All you need to attend is an NAB Exhibit Badge or a SuperMeet badge.
I'm sure he'll have some nice things to say about Apple [But what about poor Philip Bloom? He got booted too! -Ed]
Avid Community: Give Kevin Smith a Stage at NAB – UPDATE
Philip Bloom: Live appearances at NAB including live broadcasts through Teradek

Google Puts Things In Perspective
As important as all this SuperMeet stuff may seem to us, it's important to put things in perspective. In doing a Google search today for 'SuperMeet' the first item returned was titled Report: "Apple Launching New Final Cut Pro Next Tuesday," but the second item was: "Kevin Smith headlines NAB SuperMeet | MacNews" The third, fourth and fifth were about neither topic, but the sixth was "Filmmaker Kevin Smith Headlines 10th Annual NAB SuperMeet"

News travels slowly.

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