Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quick Links

  • Making Panasonic Video look like Canon: EOSHD has posted a short tutorial on how to make the video from the Panasonic GH2 and AG-AF100 look more like that from Canon cameras.
    Panasonic's colour science is very technically correct but not as emotionally satisfying as Canon's, here's how to change that.
    [...]The GH2 is a big improvement in this regard on the sensor in the GH1, and especially the first generation sensor in the GF2 and GF1 - but it still needs a helping hand with customised picture profiles and white balance. Here is what to do...

    EOSHD: Tips and tricks for making Panasonic look more like Canon

  • RED Epic User Report. Jason Wingrove got a chance to spend some time with a RED Epic, and he warns people not to get too close; you'll want one!
    In a nutshell its impossible to find a camera that comes even close, a camera thats capable of 19+ stops of dynamic range, gives 5K of raw images at 120fps in the palm of your hand and is as capable on set on friday as it is with a set of waves on the weekend.
    TheConvergence: Epic Sea Pool

  • Lens Adapters for the Panasonic AG-AF100. The Panasonic UK product page for the AG-AF101 (AG-AF100) lists Lens Mount Adapters for the camera (click the "Lens adapters" tab): AG-AF101

  • New Marshall LCD Monitors. ProVideoCoalition covers three new LCD monitors announced by Marshall in 5.6″, 7″ and 9″ sizes. Marshall Introduces 3 new LCD Monitors

  • What makes a good visual effects artist? In this blog post Scott Squires, who has worked on movies from Close Encounters to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, offers his perspective on what makes a visual effects artist.

  • How a Follow Focus Works. An article at covers the basics of follow focus devices, from focus gears and pitch size to whip's and marking disc: Follow Focus Basics-Staying Focused

  • Script Development: At Mastering Film, Mick Hurbis-Cherrie, author of Voice and Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Productiondiscusses the phases of script development: Concept, Treatment, Author's Draft and shooting script. The Key Stages of Script Development

  • Sony providing cameras for iPhone 5?: Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer told Walt Mossberg that Sony is providing camera's to Apple, though he also said that recent events in Japan have caused delays. 9to5Mac: Howard Stringer says Sony image sensors delayed for Apple’s iPhone (updated)

  • Frame Rates in After Effects: A short tutorial on adjusting frame rates in After Effects. Adobe After Effects CS5: Frame Rates

  • Corporate Video Production: in Stu Sweetow’s new book readers will learn about the employment opportunities in corporate video; many more openings than in broadcasting. The blog contains sample chapters and other info: stuartsweetow: Corporate Video Production

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