Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sony PMW-F3 S-Log firmware

While it's not available yet, the S-Log firmware update for the PMW-F3 was seen in the wild at NAB.

AbelCine had a PMW-F3 with the firmware installed, and they loaned that camera to Next Level Pictures, who used it to shoot a test. You can see the video, as well as a behind the scenes video blog at their site:

NextLevelPicturesNLP shoots the worlds first footage with the Sony F3 S-Log
CineTechnica: Shooting S-Log with the Sony F3

[UPDATETimur Civan has also posted a blog about the shoot: Sony F3: First S-Log Test!

The same camera got rolled by Jay Friesen and he took some footage on the show floor. He's posted it on Dropbox, and also posted some stills:

JayFriesenSony F3 S-Log Footage!

World's First Sony F3 S-Log Test - Behind the Scenes from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

[UPDATE 12:00AM Added Timur Civan link]

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