Thursday, April 21, 2011

New CineForm Products for 2D and 3D

CineForm, now a division of GoPro, has announced a new, lower cost software product line for both consumers and professional production and post production customers.

  • CineForm Studio
    CineForm Studio is a free 3D editing application specifically designed for use with GoPro’s 3D HERO System, that allows GoPro HD HERO Camera owners to combine two HD HEROs together to capture synchronized 1080p 3D videos and photos. Available for both Mac and Windows platforms, CineForm Studio converges videos and photos captured with the 3D HERO System and provides image adjustment tools including 3D convergence control with unlimited keyframing, framerate, exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, image rotation, frame resizing, as well as cropping and zooming.

    Users can export their content using the GoPro CineForm codec for further editing in other applications or as H.264 compressed .mp4 files for viewing in 3D on any active or passive 3D display, on a computer, or online at YouTube.
    Availability: Immediate
    Free download at

  • CineForm Studio Premium
    CineForm Studio Premium combines popular features of both Neo HD and Neo 4K into a single, new solution ideal for 2D and 3D broadcast and feature film production. A fully-featured First Light application with Alpha Channel support, plus support for unlimited keyframing for color and 3D adjustments.
    CineForm Studio Premium will be a free upgrade to existing NeoHD and Neo4K v5 customers.
    Availability: May 1
    Price: $299.00 US

  • CineForm Studio Professional
    CineForm Studio Professional is optimized for multi-camera stereo rigs, such as SI, PHANTOM, RED, and ARRI ALEXA. A fully featured First Light application, CineForm Studio Professional enables individual eye adjustments required for multi-cam stereo productions, adds keystone adjustments, ghost busting, and many other professional 3D features while enabling real-time 3D editing for both Windows and Mac-based editing applications.
    Availability: May 1
    Price: $999.00 US
For more information, visit
Press ReleaseGoPro® Debuts CineForm® Studio Product Line for 2D and 3D Post ProductionWorkflows [PDF]

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