Sunday, April 17, 2011

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More NAB Stuff
  • Dan Chung at DSLR News Shooter has a video about the Small HD DP4 4.3inch monitor. It features HDMI input and pass-through, 1/8" component input, a USB port for firmware updates, and a scroll wheel and two buttons to control the interface. It has a double LP-E6 battery bracket, though they plan to offer other battery support. An optical attachment turns it into an EVF. Shipping date is May, with the attachment in June. Price $749.NAB 2011 – SMALL HD DP4 COMBINED MONITOR AND EVF

  • Dan also has a summary of other "interesting accessories," including: Redrock Micro's V.3 follow focus, Birns and Sawyer 4×4 ND fader, the D|Focus Matte box, and some lens mounts: NAB 2011 – INTERESTING GEAR WE DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO CHECK OUT PART 1: LENSES, FILTERS, FOLLOW FOCUS AND MATTEBOXES.

  • VideoMaker's NAB Awards: This is an odd list for a couple of reasons; the best camcorder is the Canon XF305 (with the 3D firmware upgrade) but best in show is the Sony NEX-FS100u, which really means that the Canon XF305 is the second best And can you really give the Best Editing Software Award to something that wasn't even on the show floor? Videomaker NAB 2011 Awards Announced

Final Cut Pro X
Having had lots of reservations both before and after the announcement of Final Cut Pro X, Walter Biscardi has had a few days to digest it all and decided that Apple really messed it up:
Apple had two freakin’ hours of stage time available and they wasted it on just one hour of a super slick presentation. Of course we’re going to knock the presentation because all it did was leave us with many more questions than answers.
Actually, I'm with Walter on that. Apple should never have had the SuperMeet crew cancel the first part of the event; it should have stayed a secret and had they just come on and given the sneak peak there would have been a lot more surprise and excitement. And maybe less "how come we didn't see...?"

But that being said, we got what we got, and unless Apple had shipped the product on day one of NAB, there's no way everyone would be happy; and there's a 100% chance that when they do ship the product, less than 100% of the audience will be happy. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Biscardi Creative Blog: Apple dropped the ball...

Scott Simmons tweeted:
FCPX might actually not be iMovie Pro but after playing w/ iMovie today the FCPX interface & the way demo worked is a lot, A LOT like it
- @editblog
Which I had to puzzle about. I've used iMovie, and it doesn't work anything like that Final Cut Pro X demo does! There are superficial similarities, but that's as far as it goes. But then again, some people think a VW Beatle is the same as a Porsche 911!

Cam Cornelius has posted a video of the demo part of the Final Cut Pro X demo. This one is slightly closer that the earlier one, and includes the start of the demo. Vimeo: Full Demonstration FCPX Supermeet NAB 2011

Editing Tips

Julie Babcock reminds us of the importance of B-Roll, and provides tips on what to shoot:
Close-up shots of fidgety or expressive hands. These kinds of shots are visual clues as to how the person is feeling.
VideomakerDocumentary Production: B-roll

John Rosenberg explains the difference between Continuity and Dynamic editing, while noting how the two are merging:
Continuity editing is generally used in feature films and dramatic television. In general, this approach belongs to productions where scenes can be covered from multiple angles that repeat the same action and dialogue, creating a consistency of time and space.
MasteringFilmDynamic and Continuity Editing
John is the author of: The Healthy Edit: Creative Editing Techniques for Perfecting Your Movie

And did you know....

...that China has banned Time Travel movies? Vulture NYMagChina Bans Time-Travel Movies

....that Pond 5 offers a free stock clip every week: Pond5: Free Stock Footage

...that someone's planning a remake of Hitchcocks To Catch A Thief.  And we must stop them!

...and Austin Kleon wants to remind you that Nothing is Original:  HOW TO STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME)

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