Friday, April 22, 2011

More News

The Small HD DP4 small camera monitor will ship in May, and the DP4-EVF will ship in June. They are not taking pre-orders, but you can sign up to be notified. Signup To Receive New Product Availability Notices

16x9 showed a PL-mount adapter for the Sony NEX-FS100 that will be available mid May and cost $870. That includes the mount and lens support ($595 mount and $275 for the lens support). The adapter has an interchangeable back mount, so will also work with the Panasonic AG-AF100, and perhaps other cameras in the future. You can see a short video about it at Cinema5DNAB 2011 – Very high quality PL-mount for FS100 by 16×9 Inc.

The Economist looks at the ailing home-entertainment business and how a move from purchasing to renting is having a profound effect on merchants, studios and even the movies being made. Unkind unwind

Quantel has a interview with Ian Vertovec, the colorist for The Social Network. He talks about new technology and how he goes about working on a project:
“I like to spend a lot of time making sure that practical lights are always at a good level. I try to key them and bring them down a lot – as much as I can, really. Sometimes practical lights in a scene can go very hot and so if you have a relatively low key scene (and you have a practical in there), the practical can sometimes appear very bright relative to the level of the faces. If you just leave it as it was photographed, that ratio can be very high.”
Quantel: Ian Vertovec from Light Iron Digital

RED Shipping info:
  • Production of EPIC-X to begin in earnest in June
  • EPIC-M. We are making machined body parts and purchasing individual parts and pieces at extraordinary prices now to continue production of EPIC-M.
  • Scarlet continues to be an issue due to the fact that lens components from Japan are causing an issue and we aren't quite sure how long it will take to resolve. We will update as we have more info. Clarification...

Events Update:
  • The New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project is taking registrations. Register on or before May 16 to get the special $140 rate: 48 Hour Film New Hampshire

  • The 2011 Boston Cyberarts Festival: April 22-May 8: the first and largest collaboration of artists working in new technologies in all media in North America, encompassing visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art. Boston Cyberarts Festival

  • May 10 - 11: The 8th Annual Coolidge Award, honoring Film Preservation, will take place at the Coolidge Theatre, Boston. Premiere screening of These Amazing Shadows May 10. Panel Discussion: Film Restoration and Access in the Digital Age May 11. Coolidge Award

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