Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Lenses for your Panasonic AG-AF100
One of the questions for any AG-AF100 owner; what lenses to use? Peter Lundstrom was thinking about getting a Canon EF adaptor, but ended up buying some Micro-Four Thirds and Leica VM Mount lenses, specifically: the Olympus 14-35/2, and the Voigtländer 25/0.95, 35/1.2, 50/1.1 and 75/1.8. He really likes the Voigtländers, especially the 25/0.95:
It’s built to a very high standard and the density and weight you feel when holding is a relief compared to many other lenses. Nothing beats genuine quality. As it happens it’s also a very good lens on the AF101. Full manual control and a direct micro 4/3 mount makes this one the best prime lenses for any micro 4/3 camera.
ConvergeGreat lenses for micro 4/3 cameras

Philip Bloom bought a Sony PMW-F3...
And Philip Johnston at HD Warrior couldn't be happier, because he predicted that Philip would abandon DSLRs last year:
I think he will plum for the Pro Sony FilmLike camera. Philip Bloom is a film maker at heart and is looking for a camera that suits his style of filming, the DSLR in my opinion is not an ENG cameraman’s natural choice ergonomically, Philip has adapted to suit his needs.
Other people, not so much.
HELP!! CRISIS!! Today @PhilipBloom bought an F3. This means the DSLR revolution is officially over. THE END!! OVER!! DSLRS DEAD!!
HDWarriorMy Prediction comes true !

Atomos Ninja Review
Speaking of Philip Johnston, he also just wrote a report on using the Atomos Ninja Video Hard Disk Recorder. Despite some initial problems due to the wrong firmware, and a lack of HDMI passthrough, he likes it:
This is PreRes HQ 422 out of the Panasonic AF101 and I can assure you it delivers a far cleaner, less banding higher quality image than the SDHC card running at 24MBs. The final proof is a capture from the camera and the Ninja spliced together.
HDWarriorNINJA Review

Here Comes 4K
Jon Fauer at Film and Digital Times saw the future at NAB, and it's 4K. The companies are showing the cameras, the theaters have the projectors, and storing and managing 4K files is getting easier (and less costly.) Even the DSLR makers might get in on the act:
I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4K in upcoming DSLR cameras. And why not? Current Canon DSLRs have sensors up to 22 Megapixels. When they do 4K video, will they be called 4KSLR cameras?
FilmAndDigitalTimesBelieve Beyond 4K

Did you miss NAB? Or are you just missing NAB?
Paul Antico at Need Creative has written his thought's on this year's NAB: the technology might have been okay, but it was the people that made the difference:
One thing I remember was late in the evening, standing around a dimly-lit nook of large, comfy chairs, listening to Philip Bloom, Mick Jones, Joseph Stunzi, Steve Weiss (of Zacuto) and others just chatting about life. I kind of sat back, taking it all in and was struck again on how so many wildly different people, many of whom met online, could casually chat like they knew each other for 20 years. Ok, maybe not that long, but you get the idea: social networking really brought people together.  
NeedCreativeThe Clique That Reaches Millions: The NAB 2011 Report

Redrock Micro Canon EF to Micro Four-Thirds Lens Adapter
At NAB Redrock previewed a Canon EF to Micro Four-Thirds Lens Adapter, the Live Lens MFT, which lets you set the aperture using an external controller. They expect it to be available within 30 days, and the pricing will be "well under $500." You can see a video here: YouTubeRedrock Micro - Live Lens MFT - NAB 2011

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