Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sony NXCAM Super 35mm camera news

Will Sony announce the NXCAM Super 35mm camera before NAB, or at NAB? Or will they just preview it at NAB and announce it sometime later? Serious tea leaf reading is taking place, but it looks like we'll have a ship date by NAB. Here's a couple of news snippets:

Sony themselves are offering the NXCAM Super 35mm camera as a prize in their "Behind The Lens Contest." The winner will be announced June 1st, so the camera will more than likely be available by that date!

They also list the ARV: at $5,999.

Separately, Matt York at VideoMaker reports he got to see 3 incredible things at Sony, one being the NXCAM Super 35mm camera, which "seems like an HDSLR killer."

Sony: Behind The Lens FAQ
VideoMaker: Sony Atsugi Technology Center


H. Paul said...

Overpriced, plain and simple. Since they went with the E-mount standard, this is the successor to the NEX-VG10 and should have been priced accordingly.

If the NXCAM Super 35mm fails to solve all aliasing/moire issues by ditching still camera capability and optimizing the sensor for HD video, it is DOA.

Michael Murie said...

I haven't seen the prototype they have been showing lately, but I suspect this camera will look and have a very different feature set to the NEX-VG10. It is not it's successor. I think Sony sees it more as the large-sensor version of the HXR-NX5.

I wouldn't be surprised if it looks more like the HXR-NX5 body than the simple block prototype they showed, but we'll have to wait and see.

Indications were that it uses the same sensor as the PMW-F3, and the PMW-F3 exhibits some aliasing (though not as bad as most DSLRs).