Thursday, March 03, 2011

News From Here & There

  • Passive 3D will get better? Passive 3D screens currently aren't that good; they suffer from limited viewing angle issues and other problems. But  Vincent Alzieu seems to think things will get five years or so. DigitalVersus: Confirmed: Passive 3D to Replace Active 3D Technology

  • 3D doesn't work! David Cohen notes that even way back in 1953 people were complaining about 3D: Patron complained about not seeing picture on screen. Had his own viewers. Checked them; they were ordinary sunglasses. Twitlonger: Odd complaints about 3D: "Those Crazy, Mixed-Up 3-D Kids" July 8, 1953

  • Sony PMW-F3 3D rig. A photo of two PMW-F3's on a 3D rig is posted at: bethmarchant


  • Lighting: FilmmakerIQ has posted a very interesting lighting article for those on a budget - and those who aren't. The author recommends avoiding work lights, and having gone that route and since switched to "real" lights, I think he's absolutely right! FilmmakerIQ: Exposing a Basic Lighting and Grip Kit

  • Steadishots: if you work with - or just appreciate - camera stabilizers (i.e. steadicams TM) then check out:

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