Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughts on the Oscars

I remember when I was young [well done, - Ed] and I used to look forward to the Oscars. It was a big, exciting event. Now, it seems sort of blah. I don't know why. Have I over-dosed on Oscars? Built up immunity?

Perhaps part of it is that when I was young I never really saw movie stars on TV except at the Oscars. But now they seem to be everywhere. The web, The Daily Show, the dozens of late night talk shows, Oprah, you see them so much that seeing them get up and read mildly funny bits from a TelePrompter isn't that interesting or exciting.

So I generally half watch the Oscars; catch the opening, miss most of the middle, and try and catch the end of it to see who got Best Director and Best Movie; if I'm still awake.

This years event was a little different, as I was half watching Twitter and watching the live show. If anything, Twitter, was the only thing that kept me going; for some reason it was the snark that appealed to me the most:

Kevin Spacey locks it for next year's host.
-John Hodgman

Spielberg's tribute to great Best Picture non-winners is the best thing I've ever heard on the Oscars.
-John Gruber

I predict a suprise upset and Last Airbender will take it.
-David Stripinis

Can we get CG Bob Hope to host next year?

I think they're just dangling good hosts in front of us now.
-Michael Scott

I hope James Franco does better on the oral exam for his PhD.

I'm old. I knew so many of the people in the Memoriam segment when they were young and filled with excitement. So was I.

The worst Oscar cast I've seen, and I go back awhile. Some great winners, a nice distribution of awards, but the show? Dead. In. The. Water.
-Roger Ebert

Oh it's tough out there...I'm glad I'm not in charge of producing the next Oscars.

One question: Did they really need to take a couple of minutes out of our lives to announce that ABC had renewed the Oscars through 2020?

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