Saturday, March 05, 2011

Flip Accessories

There are some interesting accessories for the Flip that have recently become available.

Flip Video Action Tripod
Compatible with all Flip video cameras, it can be used as a tripod on a level surface, or attach to bike handlebars, helmet, and other gear using the attachable (and removable) straps. Features a standard tripod mount that is compatible with Flip Video camcorders and other light-weight tripod-based cameras and devices.
Users note that as a tripod it's a little shaky, but it's only $14.
Included in package: Action Tripod, two velcro straps to attach Tripod to gear. List price $24.99
Amazon: Flip Video Action Tripod[$14.25]

Ikelite (left), Bower .45x lens (right)

Ikelite Underwater Housing
All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200ft (60m). Easy open latch and drop in camera loading. Compatibility Note: This housing is compatible with 2nd generation Flip models U1120 and U2120 only. Ikelite does not offer a housing to accept 1st generation Flip models F230 or F260.
Neutrally buoyant underwater. External Color Filters. The included UR/Pro color correcting filter for tropical blue water settings replaces some of the reds and more natural tones that would otherwise be lost underwater. Effective in relatively shallow, sunny conditions. The #6441.71 removable color filter is available separately for use in green water settings.
List price: $260.00
AmazonIkelite Compact Underwater Video Housing for Flip Video Ultra & UltraHD (2nd Gen models U260, U1120 and U2120)[$219.95]

Bower Wide Angle Lens
The BOWER .45x wide angle magnetic lens designed for Flip video. Sturdy magnetic design with 3 year limited warranty. Users not that there's some loss of detail in the video when using this lens.
List price: $49.99
Amazon: Bower VLMWF 0.45x Wide Angle Magnetic Lens for Flip Cameras (Black)[$39.00]

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