Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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The Mistake Novice Directors Make
Peter Rea, author of Producing and Directing the Short Film and Videoexplains the number one mistake novice directors make:
Novice directors often give actors too much direction. There is also a tendency to give the actor a “result” direction such as asking an actor to be angry or compassionate or ironic. This is how their performance might be interpreted by the audience in the story, but is not an effective way to get that result on the set.
masteringfilm: The Mistake Novice Directors Make and How to Avoid It

ILM's first full-length feature
Industrial Light & Magic has been in 3D and FX so long, it's hard to believe that Rango is the first full-length animated movie they have produced. Daniel Terdiman at CNET talks to Tim Alexander, the Rango visual effects supervisor at ILM, and gets the behind-the-scenes on the production of the movie.
For most animated films, the actors record all their lines in otherwise empty sound studios. But in keeping with the desire to make "Rango" feel--to everyone concerned--as live-action as a digital film can be, Verbinski convinced his ensemble of actors to perform their roles on a physical, albeit, tinker-toy set based on the tiny fictional Mojave Desert town of Dirt, in which the movie takes place.
CNET: With 'Rango,' ILM wrangles first animated feature

Oscars Multi-tasking #fail?
The latest explanation for why James Franco seemed to do so badly at the Oscars; he was so busy tweeting he couldn't give the performance all he had.
Forbes: Was James Franco The Victim Of Oscar Multitasking?

At this site they appear to have taken the colors of the frames of different movies and created a swatch of colors indicating the color palette of the movie. At least, that's what I think they have done, as I can't find any explanation of it.
And I'm not too sure what it means...
Tumblr: moviebarcode

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