Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More Details on Sony NXCAM Super 35mm and others...

Film & Digital Times has more details on the upcoming NXCAM Super 35mm camera. Though they couldn't post pictures of it, they have added some details, including the fact that it appears to have retained the block-like shape of the prototype, though added a viewfinder on top and a removable top handle. Sounds intriguing.
FDTimes: Sony NXCAM 35

The NXCAM group were also showing prototypes of a dust-proof, sand-proof, rain-proof and spray-resistant camcorder and a 3D camcorder. It appears that both units can use a top-detachable handle like the Super 35mm camera. Both cameras will be priced under $3,500 (and they won't use large sensors!)
FDTimes: NXCAMs for Sea, Sand and 3D

And I thought all the excitement today would be over the iPad 2 announcement!

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