Monday, March 07, 2011

Lens Color Differences

I've been playing with lenses on still and video cameras for decades, and though I don't get completely nuts over lens specs - usually I look at two things; price and maximum aperture and call it a day - I was aware that lenses had different characteristics; that they could be "soft" and suffer from chromatic abberation (whatever that is.)

So I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me lens A is sharper than lens B.

But it had never quite registered with me that the lens could effect the color.

Looking at a test of three different lenses on the Sony PMW-F3, I was shocked - shocked! - at the physical color differences between the three lenses. Look at this still (or watch the video.) See the subtle difference in the gray color of the jacket.

Wow! Learn something every day.

Vimeo: Sony PMW-F3 Exterior Daylight Lens Comparison

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