Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPad 2 Details

I ran in to Digital Media Journalist Adam Weiss at the Camera Company show today. He had bought the new iPad 2 yesterday, and he said that he didn't find it that much faster than the older model, though he wondered if that was because not many apps are yet written for the dual processor.

He also confirmed that the camera in the iPad 2 isn't nearly as good as the one in the iPhone 4. Stills are pretty awful, and even the video isn't as good. I had assumed it would be the same camera as in the iPhone 4, but perhaps because the iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone 4, it got the same (or similar) camera as the iPod Touch.

This article from Wired explains the situation: Just How Bad Is the iPad 2 Camera?

It's ironic that after it's announcement, several people had said to me that it would be odd shooting video with the iPad 2 because of it's large shape. Now I can tell them they don't want to do it because the iPhone 4 is a much better camera.

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