Saturday, March 08, 2014

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Safety goes far beyond location permissions. A live film set is a dangerous environment. There are numerous dangers, from equipment in motion to cable littered floors to suspended light fixtures. Any producer, at any level, needs to take the proper precautions and measures to ensure a safe set for all cast and crew. Careful preparation and planning do more than ease the workload, it allows the crew to enjoy what they do.

Indie-darling filmmakers: Vimeo has $10M with your names on it | C|Net
The company is carving out a $10 million fund to directly invest in films that either premiere at one of the top 20 US film festivals or garner $10,000 in crowdfunded support on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in exchange for giving Vimeo a window of time as the only place you can go to see the videos through its Vimeo On Demand pay-for-play platform.

New York Times Movie Reviews, $11,000 a Pop | IndieWire
But if those standards are still applied, they're elusive at best; among critics who write for New York-based publications, a Quad release has become shorthand for a subpar movie that's inevitably passed off to a third- or fourth-string freelancer -- a response that, while reductive and undoubtedly unfair to certain films, is nonetheless backed up by ample experience. 

Long term testing Apple's new Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro 10.1 | FCP.Co
The last storage configuration we tested was various directly attached Thunderbolt drives. They all performed without missing a beat and in our eyes this is the way forward. Maybe shared storage via different Thunderbolt topologies isn't here yet, but desktop sans will be killer products for the video industry.

Lighting the LEGO Movie | Computer Graphics World
We used only legal LEGO colors, and emulated the plastic material with the correct diffusion and colors,” Welsh says. “LEGO plastic scatters light through it, so you need to do a lot of ray-traced calculations to get subsurface scattering. And, every surface in the LEGO world is highly or somewhat reflective, so you need reflections and refractions.'''

Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick! Watch Full 2 Hour 20 Minute Doc 'Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures' | IndieWire
here's the excellent documentary "Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures." Running 2 hours and 20 minutes and directed by Kubrick's longtime collaborator Jan Harlan, it's almost everything you need to know about the filmmaker and it boasts an incredible array of participants including Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jack Nicholson, Sydney Pollack, Malcolm McDowell and more.

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