Thursday, March 06, 2014

Blackmagic 4K & Quick Links

4K is here! Blackmagic Production Camera Review | EOSHD
I’m not sure how long me and Miss Blackmagic are going to last to be honest. She has some very bad habits… She drinks ALL the juice in the fridge. I have run out. Her sister, the Pocket Camera went through about 6 Nikon juice cells in a day once. This one is much worse. Then there’s her weight. I have to be very delicate what I say here, but she’s a little on the heavy side especially when she is carrying around that big juice carton all day in her handbag.

Want another opinion on the Blackmagic 4K camera? Here's our second, independent, review | Red Shark News
Before we start, we're going to have to come to an agreement. That agreement recognises the fact that the Blackmagic Production Camera is a very serviceable little device, and the fact that it's very cost effective. So, should I happen to write something even slightly less than positive about this camera, I want you to assume that the mitigating words “...but it's very cheap” are inserted thereafter.

An initial review of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K + Downloadable native footage | Philip Bloom
Not truly 4k, which is 4096×2160. This is “Ultra HD” 3840 x 2160. Nothing wrong with that. Same as calling HD 2K. It isn’t. But UHD isn’t a sexy name really, is it?
Global shutter. I am not showing it off in the footage I am showing here, but I have looked at it, and the lack of skew & jello is wonderful! Nice to see, in an affordable camera.
The image detail certainly is impressive from what I have shot so far. I haven’t checked to see if there is any moire at all. 

More Camera News

DxOmark: Red Epic is the first camera to (slightly) outperform the 36MP Sony sensor | Sony Alpha Rumors
From all cameras tested to date by DxOmark the Red Epic is the first to outperform the Sony 36 MP FF sensor. Well you have to pay $17,500.00 for the Epic “brain” only (no accessories included) to slightly beat the Sony A7r performance. Obviously, the Red main feature is the 5k video recording. But I am pretty sure Sony will release a 4K FF soon too
RED DRAGON is the Best Camera Sensor Ever Tested by DxOMark | No Film School
It’s interesting that dynamic range looks to be around 15 stops, which is pretty much what I thought their dynamic range chart looked like when it was posted last year (no HDRx was used for their testing).

Apart from 4K and 2K RAW the camera can also record 1080p, 720p ,480p in 16×9 and also 2.39:1 format. Impressively the camera can continuously record slow motion at 100fps in 1080P HD mode (96fps in 2K Cineform RAW). This can be recorded from the full sensor and not just in a crop mode. Talking of crop modes there is also a crop mode to use B4 ENG lenses on the new MINI when you attach them with a special B4 mount.
The KineMAX 6K is a Super35 CMOS camera which can record a maximum resolution of a whopping 5760×3240 pixels at up to 30fps. Put another way that is nine times the resolution of HD or 2K. This is combined with a claimed dynamic range of 14 f-stops and 12-bit colour depth.

A Short History of Camera Color | DV Info
Canon’s color seems to be based on color science it developed for its DSLR lineup, which isn’t terribly surprising. When asked about color a Canon rep once told me, “It’s all about flesh tone. All other colors are secondary.”

Between Gigs, Gabriel Beristain, ASC, BSC Develops Welsh Mining Project | ASC
You know, in digital, it’s very difficult because you are not in full control of everything. So for me, it was very important to have very good communication with the DIT and with the lab, so that the dailies reflected that strong, harder look, that very atmospheric daylight.”

Travis Rice is Making a New Snowboard Film | Red Bull
Shooting a snowboard movie in 4K:
"While we're proud of the reaction from all the fans around the world as well as the success the franchise has had thus far, we don't want to rest on our laurels," says Scott Bradfield, Head of Production for Red Bull Media House. "4K is certainly the future of cinema and we want to be ahead of the curve and provide a state-of-the-art experience for our viewers unlike anything seen to date.

Using a boom mic may sound like a simple job, but the truth is, it’s a lot harder than it looks. It takes focus, stamina and a little technical know how to get it right. We show you the right way to use a boom mic, including set up, operating techniques, positioning, choosing the right mic for the job and achieving audio perspective.

Sale Film Fest
Opens tonight and runs until the 13th.
Finding its spirit in Salem’s rich history as America’s first great international city, the non-profit, all-volunteer Salem Film Fest presents a diverse, beautiful, and bracing selection of the world's best documentary films.

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