Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Disk Speed

Reader Paul Antico has been experimenting with his new Mac Pro and different hard drives and reports  some excellent results with Toshiba drives:

So I got a pile of Toshiba 2TB drives for backup (I just put them in a USB 3 dock) recently, and just today tested them for speed. (They are $75 each - 2TB for sale at B&H, Amazon, Microcenter... the price varies within $10 [At the moment they seem to be about $86.00 - Ed]).

Keep in mind they are empty, but still: 180 Mb/sec. That’s FAST for a spinning HD! These drives are very highly rated too; they are Hitachi (toshiba bought the plant) [Hitachi are reliable according to this failure rate chart - Ed]and have historically very low failure rates. I have old drives like 7 year old 1 TB drives that get 80MB/sec.

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