Friday, March 07, 2014

Commercial Drones are legal and Other News

Interesting development in drones - judge rules that commercial drones aren't illegal. Now what will the FAA do?
Judge rules commercial drones are legal, undoing six-year ban | The Verge
Today Judge Patrick Geraghty dismissed a $10,000 fine levied by the FAA against Raphael Pirker, a Swiss drone operator who used a camera drone to film on the University of Virginia campus. "At the time of respondent's model aircraft operation... there was no enforceable FAA rule or FAR Regulation application to model aircraft or for classifying model aircraft as an UAS," the judge writes.

Other News

‘This Is the End,’ ‘Now You See Me’ VFX Firm Closes Doors, 100 People Laid Off | The Wrap
Modus FX, a Canadian visual effects vendor that counts “Now You See Me” and “This is the End” among its credits, is shutting down after six years.
...The company was undone after a number of projects it was slated to work on were delayed.

Deluxe to close Hollywood film lab | Los Angeles Times
"The capture and exhibition of motion pictures has transitioned from film to digital in recent years," Stein said in the letter obtained by The Times. "Our processing volumes have declined sharply and as a result, the laboratory has incurred significant financial losses. This has forced us to make this very difficult decision."

Louisiana Louisiana Is The Shocking New Movie-Making Capital Of The World | Business Insider
Eighteen of the 108 films released last year that were produced by the major studios and the five biggest independents were shot in the Bayou State, according to the 2013 Feature Film Production Study from FilmL.A., the region's non-profit permitting agency.

Turning Your GoPro Hero 3 into a Cinematic Movie Making Machine | Shane Hurlbut
My philosophy is to shoot with whatever tool will help tell the story and if that tool is an extreme sports camera that is usually seen flying through the air attached to snowboarders, motocross riders, extreme helo skiers, divers, sky jumpers, etc., then I am in, no matter what the pitfalls. Period!!!

Nikon D4S video quality not suitable for pro use | EOSHD
The supposably ‘full HD’ mode is nothing of the sort, it’s misleadingly labeled and marketed as high definition / 1080p. Detail is still mushy. Moire and aliasing still abundant. Plastic skin tones, poor colour, jagged edges to bright reds, greens and blues. There’s all sorts of weird stuff going on in the image for your $6000. For this you can wait a month and buy three GH4 bodies!

Woody Allen's Cinematographer Has 6 Life-Saving Tips for Low-Budget DPs | IndieWire
Lighting can highlight character. And headaches, if you’re not careful.“Of course, your work has to first correspond to who the character is and what the story is about,” he said. “The most important thing to bring out when you shoot a movie is to figure out how you’re going to light the location in order to bring it into this area of the character.

What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2013? | Canon Rumors
The first being the use of smartphones over compact cameras, we’re beating a dead horse with that one. The second reason being the economic stability of the planet, we’re still not totally out of the woods in a lot of places around the globe. The third, and the most interesting is North America’s aversion to the mirrorless market.

Eric Kress Lighting Workshop – part 2 | ASC
In Part 1 of the workshop video, Eric introduced the workshop and then demonstrated 3 lighting variations around a window on the sound stage set:
1. one exterior soft source
2. adding an exterior poly bounce as a background light
3. adding an interior fill
Here in Part 2, Eric adds 3 variations:
4. an exterior hard light “sun” source
5. an interior backlight
6. substituting an interior top light for the side fill

I’m a member of what could be called “Generation 5D” in the news shooter world. I’m in my late twenties and only started my career in video a few years ago. I taught myself to shoot video on DSLRs and developed my current addiction to the craft – helped in part by the low barriers to entry afforded by such cameras. 

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